Demo - Mortar trap - 'The big one' not so big

NOTE: This is written from a casters/kitters perspective.

Hello GD community :slight_smile:

Been playing around with the reworked mortar trap and while it does look awesome it is very inconsistent even more so when upgraded with ‘the big one’.

What do I mean? The normal shots usually miss if the target is moving as it calculates where the target is and not where he will be. Rounding mobs up and letting mortar work seems like a good idea, right? Wrong, sometimes it starts firing at distant lone ranged enemies while you have a huge melee pack chasing you. It becomes more frustrating when ‘the big one’ is launched at said lone ranged enemies, if it’s launched at all that is.

In addition the time it takes for ‘the big one’ to be shot is too long (Around 10 secs after the trap is placed?) and only one is launched per trap placement meaning that one of the following will happen:

  1. It won’t be shot at all since every other mob will be dead by your X spell from Y mastery.
  2. If the fight drags on it will finish off leftover mobs and this is very unrewarding, I wanna see it do damage at the beginning of the fight.
  3. It will end up being out of range as I’m kitting (remember that not all environments are open enough for me to run in circles. This problem really shines in tunnels/corridors).

Being locked behind 50 mastery points the skill under-performs and is not rewarding at all… :frowning:

My suggestion: Change it so that ‘the big one’ is shot not ‘towards the end’ but at set intervals i.e.: at rank 1 ‘the big one’ is launched every 7th shot. At rank 3 - every 6th. At rank 5 - every 5th and so on.
It doesn’t have to be exactly as I’m suggesting, however i do believe that making ‘the big one’ launch at regular intervals, more than once per placement, is a step in the right direction.

Let me know what you think. Have you been playing around with it? Maybe I’m doing something wrong? :slight_smile: Cheers

I’m in the same boat ‘The Big One’ doesn’t seem worth it. Conceptually mortar trap is my favourite skill in the game but it feels inefficient.

My vision was to have a heavily armoured engineer with the mortar as fire support but in practice, the time spent waiting for the mortar you instead throw a grenade and canister bomb and be done with it.

It’s an awesome thing to watch but to see the benefit you need to spend 10 seconds per pack which slows you right down. I took points out of the ‘The Big One’ and into grenade and that alone made going through packs much quicker and easier.

I definitely agree that a more frequent Big One would be better. I would also consider reducing the amount of skill points needed to max the skills from 12 to 10.

You can make the mortar trap target certain enemies with pet attack and it doesn’t miss that often mortar, it is literally the only attack I am using so I am always kiting and running around and don’t have any issues with it at all as it can fire over objects as well. (although I miss the rapid fire, that was fun xD)
I can’t comment on the big one as I haven’t used it yet but from the sounds of it, it should be used as soon as the trap is placed or within 1/2seconds.
I don’t think the engine can support a complicated script of firing every 6th shot or anything

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Just have the Mortar fire ‘The Big One’ as its first shot: that would already vastly improve its utility.

Yeah that’d do it, the slow would help greatly with follow up shots.