Dev Stream 12th July 2019 re Patch

Bat. On my build I had 13% (Ghoul, Rev, Bat) global. This is how it looked. 10% global adcth on EoR is like 3.8% on melee - even with build-in 5% to EoR it’s not enough. Why? Defense. You can’t outleech the dmg you take. Bat is needed and is extremely powerful with Treacherous (Deadly?) Means and Dreeg shoulders and with probably the best proccer in the game: EoR.

But Bat or no Bat, it doesn’t change the fact that all sustain comes from EoR. Cyclone is superior in this because not only does it have stun res from Stormcaller’s Pact but also your sustain also comes from a few alternative sources. Dunefiend, on the other hand, is not spin-to-win but spin-or-die-or-hope-Ascension-does-not-run-out-too-soon.

Bat on Spirits. Tested a million times. It’s bad! Unless you have 4 Spririts on Demonslayer or
Chillwhisper it just doesn’t proc when you need it. On EoR, AAR, Devils, Totems, Mortars, Box it shoots like a machine gun. On Spirits it shoots like it’s jammed. On Guardians, too.

Yugol. Yugol is for Dunefiend what Ferrari is for a jobless taxi driver. You cannot go your regular acid devos on Dunefiend because set is too retarded to support the generic acid devo path. You gotta either take Harp or get scraps of energy regen from suboptimal gear (like Forbidden medal with zero oa/da/armor/health) and then take Aeon to make up for low stats. I did test Dunefiend with maxed acid devo path - it is quite strong indeed. For 6-7 seconds and then out of energy.

Don’t wanna make it sound weird but I tested and posted all this stuff. I know what I’m talking about. In comparison with other EoR solutions this set is BAD. Dw EoR set with no energy regen is BAD. And that purposefully, prohibitively retarded Soulfire (Clairvoyaint helmet and Voidsoul set say welcome to the club!) that is now being fixed is the least of its worries.

I never said I disagree with energy regen. I agree with that wholeheartedly. I even talked about that on my first reply. But this whole bat argument is useless until patch hits cause we’re (or at least I was) talking about a hypothetical post patch world where dunefiend has enough damage. I was making a point that once enough damage is reached then it’s already fine even without further defensive buffs. But then you throw all these current testing results like it’s what matters after patch. Test it again when it comes out then go bitching if it’s not enough. Don’t give me current figures cause we both know current dunefiend sucks.

IMO bitching is totally justified! At least from the EoR side. :upside_down_face: This 75% total damage mod to SS, however, looks interesting…

Yeah, but if my eyes still good, it also gives +1.2 CD to SS. Enjoy your dunefiend.
At least it will still be good for illusion. That chest armor with chameleon finish on the back is dope!

Huh? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Is it a buff? Is a nerf? NO! It’s a BERF!

Yah! And the Slicer (the white one) kinda looks good on Belgo…

PSA: Skeletons don’t do a thing for 3 seconds while they are summoned. Their average lifespan in some of these boss fights is 4 seconds with ishtak+tree setup. Recharge is 8.2-ish seconds on korvaak fight, 9.1 in Noxan and Ekket

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