Devotion/Augment question

Is there a general rule of thumb when it comes to when effects are applied to WD skill or spells (I’m not talking about flat damage X vs. % damage X)?

By that I mean Essence of Ch’thon’s ‘10% chance for 30% reduced resistances’ affects everything; attacks, WD skills and spells, yet Viper’s 20% Elemental Resistance Reduction seems to only affect skills/spells with %WD components. Or am I just missing something about the mechanics?

I’m pretty sure that essence of ch’thon only affects weapon damage skills, not all skills. I think that is actually the rule of thumb that you’re looking for.

Yeah just noticed Ceno was streaming so I went and asked him lol. The reason I was doubting myself was that I noticed the resist reduction from Essence seemingly procing off Sigil and Storm Totem.

The only thing I can think is that Twin Fangs proc’d off DS on one of the groups of low hp mobs I fire and forget on and somehow hit the group in front of me but I didn’t notice the animation…eh.