Devotion Points Difficult To See

Disclaimer: I’m old and squinty-eyed so that may be the problem.

I have a tough time seeing which devotion points I spent unless I’ve placed more than one point in a constellation. Even the choice of selectable constellations based upon my prerequisite stars is “highlighted” -but it’s like a faded pastel-ish highlight that’s sorta difficult for me to see on the screen.

Each star is pastel blue-ish with the finishing star being pastel red-ish. When you choose a star it changes from pastel blue-ish to pastel yellow-ish. When you tack on another star it draws a pastel yellow-ish line so that you can see your progress in that constellation.

Where it becomes really difficult to see your progress is if you have spent only 1 pt. in a constellation. So it becomes a Where Is Waldo mini-game testing my vision acuity for me to find out where to put the next point.

Has anyone else noticed this or should I borrow Bubbles’ glasses?

I am over 20 and I also have issues seeing where I’ve put my points. I once spent like 30 mins finding my 55th star that gave me some resists, and my eyes are not even a problem.