Devotion requirment for Crab

Subj. Crab is one of few elemental-focused devotions, yet I rarely see it in elemental builds. Reason is simple - a build that want Blind Sage ot Attak Seru cannot afford to spend devotion points in Order group. I suggest to make Crab a pure Purple devotion with 10 Ascendant requirement.

My Elemental Mage Hunter uses Elemental Seekers and Arcane Barrier as well as Meteor Shower, Ghoulish Hunger, Flame Torrent and Elemental Storm. It just fits. Here’s the Grimtools link to the Devotion setup:

Yes, it’s possible with your setup, but is your devotion setup good? I don’t think so. No reflected damage reduction, no DA, no energy sustain, no Sailor’s Guide. You have sacrificed a lot just to get both Elemental Seekers and Meteor Shower.

I agree that Crab right now clearly caters to physical builds with Beronath Sword.

No joke, I thought it was removed some time ago. I don’t remember the last time I hovered on that.

Where does crab reduction happen in the damage order - first or last?

(I haven’t tried Crab yet, but gear varies…so idk).

Pretty sure it works as all other reductions, if you talk about absorption.

Last. The proc is meh, but nodes are okayish.

The proc is actually great since it covers five damage types that are wildly used. Not to mention low cooldown and stacking with other similar proc like Runeguard Greaves.