Devotion Tree for Warder

I am just starting out, but it looks like a fun game
Here is what I am proposing to take in the devotion tree for my Warder

Crossroads Ascendant
Delete Crossroads Ascendant
Crossroads Primordial
Delete Crossroads Primordial
Akeron’s Scorpion
Rhowan’s crown
Chaos Crossroads

Your thoughts are appreciated.

Listen, I’m going to be brutally honest with you. It’s terrible. You’re all over the place here. Anvil’s ability requires a shield, but Kraken requires a two-handed weapon, and Hydra requires a ranged weapon. Warders are unlikely to be doing any poison damage, so why Scorpion? Then you got Tsunami, Tempest, and Rhowan’s Crown which are ok for Elemental damage, I guess, but how are you going to deal that elemental damage? You haven’t posted a build, so I don’t know what kind of Warder you’re going for. At this point, I don’t think you even know what kind of Warder you’re going for. You need to pick a focus for your build, instead of trying to do a little bit of everything.

Yes I can see my errors, grimcalc is less than optimal. So far this is what I have done with Devotion to level 58 build is a 2h savage

Empty Throne
3 points in Kraken (the all damage ones)
Scholars light
Rhowan’s crown

Next points will be going into Solemn Watcher

You want the entirety of Kraken in any 2H build.

Alright, 2-handed savagry. Now I have something to work with. As was said, you’ll want the whole Kraken constellation. While the other two points give physical damage, they also have the real prize in Kraken: +10% attack speed each. That 20% attack speed bonus is the biggest dps boost you’re going to get from anywhere in the game. You’ll notice the difference immediately.

Now with a 2-handed build, you’re going to be forgoing the defense of a shield to do more damage. I recommend taking the Behemoth or Chariot of the Dead constellations (or both) in order to help sustain your health. They’re quite good.

Would you put behemoth or chariot above watcher, if so why? Perhaps messenger or some life leech? (Bat, Ghoul)?

Are you going for a bleed or physical-based Warder? I can give you my devotion tree as my primary character is a bleed-based Warder.

I am trying to balance lightning and bleed/leech. Currently the gear is leaning to the lightning spectrum. I thought leech would be a good survival tactic

Life Leech itself is a bad damage type

The Life Leech you’re looking for is called Attack Damage converted to health. You can get it either through the revenant constellation or through components

Also, Lightning and bleed is a bad combination. Focus on one