Devotions - Fire strike with nightblade attack passives

Hey guys, I hope this makes sense to you because it’s confusing as **** to me.

I’m not sure how the mechanics of the devotion abilities work when Fire Strike and night blade ability procs work simultaneously.

I know that with Cadence, the first 2 attacks will allow procs to occur like Execution and Amastaras quick cut, but the third strike of cadence will ALWAYS take precedance over the nightblade procs. What i’m not sure about is whether Fire strike is completely negated when these effects proc or whether they work in unison.

If they do work in unison, and Fire strike (with living shadow assigned) crits while from the exact same left click attack a Belgothians Shears (Assassin’s mark assigned) procs AND crits to apply assassins mark, will one take precedence over the other or will a living shadow spawn and a group of enemies receive assassins mark from the exact same fire strike auto attack?

If they don’t work in unison, wouldn’t that make a Nightblade + Demolitionist dual wield fire strike build not work seeing as you would only have a 20% chance for Fire Strike to hit based on the other 80% being used for the 4 nightblade auto attack procs? This wouldn’t be so bad if i didn’t rely on static strike from the fire strike tree to be knocking down enemies all the time (I play hardcore so it’s sort of mandatory).

Sorry for the long post, I hope this question makes sense to at least one of you haha.


Weapon pool skills can proc on fire strike, Savagery, troll rage… Basically any “default” attack (which Cadence’s third hit is not.)

I can confirm that devotion skills assigned to the default attack will proc even if the default attack is replaced, this way you can get two devotions to proc on a single attack (one assigned to the default attack and one to the replacer.)