Devotions, procs and weapon pool skills?

Is there a max % of procs, devotions and WPS? I’m testing a Blademaster build somewhere between and and pretty sure a few of the things aren’t going off. I know FIghting Spirit never procs despite attacking a training dummy for several minutes at a time.

Proc chance of WPS depend on the level of skill itself and the max chance depends on the skill.

Devotion proc chance depends on two things and it will say on the description what does activate it: it can activate with a crit (like 100% chance to proc when you crit) and a chance to proc when you attack (like 15% chance to proc everytime you attack). In the second example you can actually increase the proc chance if you bind the devotion to a skill with cooldown. The higher the cooldown the higher the chance, up to 100%.

Proc chances on items are static and it will vary depending on the skill of the item.

Fighting Spirit actually procs when you get hit. You have to get hit by something in order to have a chance to proc.