@Devs & Players

So for the dev’s I’ve got a pretty simple question, will you guys continue to make journals, or the pages you pick up on the ground in some places? I absolutely love these pages, and they explain a lot. Every time I roam I look at the environment and the bodies, and all the burnt down and destroyed homes, or when I roam into a castle and find ghouls, I hunt for pages to find the story behind it. For example, in Asterkarn mountains you see tents and sleeping bag type beds with dead bodies, and frozen ones. You find a page that Basically explains how there was a family of 3 in the mountains heading to darvale gate for food, but it’s cut off. They soon run out of food, start starving, with no food supplies. Then you run into other travelers, that try to(I’m assuming so) molest your daughter, the husband kills the man, then the next day the husband “finds” meat, the wife doesn’t ask where he got it, then they start luring travelers, and killing them, wife eats him as she says “its more food for us” as they lure more people in, a traveler knows of the killings, so as they try to kill him, the husband is stabbed. and wounded badly, the wife says he may not make it, soon he doesn’t and dies, they eat him and she mentions more food. She makes her daughter lure men in, and soon they go batshit crazy, soon you read she loves the feeling of killing, as does her 9 year old daughter. She loses it, repeats food, then you find you cant read the text anymore.

As for players, do you guys enjoy the little stories you find too? If so, what do you like and dislike, and what do you want more of?

The trip south lore pages are great lore. Some of my favorites :wink: i love the lore in GD.

And yes, with patch there will be new lore in the new rouge like dungeon.

Also, i can safely say that when the expansion comes out there will be more lore there as well :smiley:

Your needs will be fulfilled :cool:

I just read that storyline for the first time a couple of days ago. One of a few entries that really made me take notice. Always a pleasure when the lore meshes with the gameplay.


I like the ones that make you wonder what happened after the final journal page in a series. Like the groble fort - did he make it to his family in time, and are they still alive somewhere?

Bozeman’s Folly is a memorable one as well.