Diablo 3 bug w/ firebirds


How sad is that the most fun I had in a game is when I abuse a known bug? :expressionless:

If someone plays diablo 3 and doesn’t know what i’m talking about check the subreddit r/diablo, there’s a bug with firebirds + archon and blizzard doesn’t give a fuck.

I know most of the folks in here hate (or hardly criticize) the game, but I log here and there every season to get the cosmetical stuff and well, this bug actually made the game fun, you’re overpower as fuck and that’s kinda fun or isn’t?


And god forbid they make a fuckin’ cold or lightning set that is comparable in power to Firebird.

Then maybe I’ll feel like running endless repetitive stupid rifts killing reskinned same old bosses at the end.

Yeah I agree, althought, the DMO set idea is really nice imho, but crate did a waaaay better job with the nature elements.

Just another reason (the fun realised here) Blizzard should stop pretending Diablo is still an RPG of any sort and continue to build it as an isometric beat-em-up.