Did treasure troves get nerfed?


Been back into Grim Dawn with the recent updates and all and having a blast :)…

I remember back a few patches ago, Treasure Troves were pretty lucrative to go after, usually dropped good stuff, including the relic blueprints and such.

However, now it seems only rare crafted material drops from it, with the “occasional” epic or blueprint. (out of the 10 I’ve opened, only one has had a blueprint, and still got plenty to catch… lol)

Thus did they get nerfed? Totally understand it’s a small sample size, but was just curious if anyone knew.

You mean the Treasure Troves that Nemesis bosses have? Fabius and Iron Maiden’s loot tables both got nerfed I think.

From a few patches ago? Yes, though it isn’t a recent change.

Nope not the Troves from the Nemesis (though sucks to learn it did get nerfed when pretty close I think to finally able to kill em on Ultimate, lol)…

Talking about the ones that use Dynamite to open…

They are harder to find but I don’t recall any reduction in drop rates. Pretty much only ever good for the rare mat and a ton of cash (not that those things aren’t useful…)

Apparently nerfed a while back , I still have a lot of blueprints to find , troves stopped giving them at least 100 troves ago if not more .

Rare crafted material is also not 100% so you’ll find that’s affected too .

Ahh ok thanks for the clarification.