Different scaling between Crucible and main campaign/SR

I am a SR fun and I know there are lots of people who like playing it as well. However, nefs basing on crucible results affect SR builds even much more then crucible builds itselves.
That’s because I would like to suggest a different scaling, just like Grava can’t nullify you in Crucible. Devs could change OP skills and items scaling in this different game mod, so it wouldn’t affect the part of the players who play SR rather then Cruci.

  • Crucible balance shouldn’t affect the whole game
  • I don’t care

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This is already the case, so…/thread?

Edit: oh you mean for player skills/items.

Yeah, no, that will never happen.

Ah, I tried at least :sob:

Yes, you tried. You just can hope for one thing: Naked Crucible as the new meta.

Less (too) fast builds, less nerfs…no nerfs on SR Builds. :wink:

You mean gear and mastery nerfs that only take effect in Crucible?

Rewind. Can you give an example of a build whose SR performance was affected because of Crucible oupiedness? I’m not challenging you, I’m genuinely asking out of curiosity.

Given that the topic of conversation wasn’t limited to just SR, I can name hundreds. Devastation comes to mind the most…

What is the issue with devastation?

Nice poll variants btw. Reminds me of election in Russia :smile:


The Anasteria helmet nerf? Imo that wasn’t a good nerf. Crucible performance has nothing to do with it.

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