Difficulty switching back to trailblazer upon click Advanced settings -v0.7.5f

When I set the difficulty to pioneer and then switch to Advanced it defaults back to Trailblazer instead of remaining on pioneer which I selected first.

Because you are setting it for the Basic settings. If you go to Advanced then it’ll default to Trailblazer again.

Aplogies, I posted this in the wrong channel it seems. Thanks for moving it.

Yes, that is indeed the case. But your are failing to address the OP’s problem, which is WHY this is the case.

If I toggle a button that says “do X, as opposed to Y”, and then toggle another button that means “refine my choice” I expect NOT to have reverted to Y; I expect X to be starting point for refinement.

This is either a bug, or a very poorly thought-out UI.

Now, since I (now) know this is the way the UI works, whenever I go to the settings, I am prepared for the switch, but that doesn’t alter the fact is is a switcheroo. It is unintuitive; I should not have to be prepared for that switch. At the very least hitting the “advanced” button should warn you it will get rid of your previously chosen selection (Ideally with a “don’t remind me again” to disable it).

I agree 100% with this though. Although it is not a bug, it should be adjusted somewhere down the line IMO. :slight_smile:

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