Dikkiedik's builds

Just a note to say Google is warning his build list may be deleted soon so if anyone wants to copy it and has or is willing to sign up for a Google account the link is here.

With around 12,000 hours in the game Dikkie was one of our most prolific players. There are 61 builds in his list.

too bad he lost his gaming sanity and gave way to real life:eek:

You will be missed. And also where the hell is Chthon? :smiley:

Real life stuff as well

But dikkie was done with GD not gaming iirc

I feel like 61 builds is not such a great number as for 12k hours. I don’t know, maybe I am just weird. But you know whom I blame anyway.

well he was here since early beta days so not a lot of fully fledged builds he could have done.

up to AoM

O, makes sense then.

Dikkie joined the forum in November 2013 so around for most the early access play. And while he may have listed only 61 I’m pretty sure he was trying out a lot of others. Some probably didn’t work the way he wanted them to so got dropped and not included on the list.

Will miss Dikkie…

Ha… I remember mentioning to him in a twitch stream “Dikkie, there is 8760 hours in a calendar year. Soon you’ll have spent a full year of your life playing Grim Dawn”.

He chuckled!

Christ, 12,000 + hours.
Glance at my 2400 + hours… Hmmm…

Yeah, it’s an impressive total. I’ve got over 10,000 in TQIT, but that’s over 10 years. I’m not as obsessive as Dikkie though, I’ve only completed the game 8 times. :eek: But certainly started way more than 60 characters, even if most got purged later on. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why not just friend Dikkie? He still hops on Steam from time to time.

And he actually has 10,300+ hours in GD. I’m at 10,200+ muhahaha. Cough. Hah.

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Curious if he’ll try to comeback after FG. IIRC, FG wasn’t announced yet when he quit…

I know for a fact you started a regen affix build in TQ long ago. So pretty much depleted almost all that game had to

He said no recently

Actually I have 3 different HR builds running. A Diviner, an Haruspex and a Harbinger. Wanted to see how high I could push HR per second with various builds/gear. Still have to finish the game with all 3, but they’re backed up and ready to go when I decide to continue. :smiley:

I haven’t seen such a sad display since Ulzuin’s betrayal! :mad:

I know! Don’t rub it in! What’s worse is I’d really like to complete Darklighter’s Class Completion challenge and I’m so far from doing that it’s hilarious. With the Runemaster mastery now added it’s gotten even further away. There are now 55 in total (single masteries and classes) to get through and I’ve managed 8. :frowning: Must stop making new builds and actually push the current ones through the game.