Disappointed with nemeses

I have Nemesis for cthonian, aetherial, and undead. I’ve run around warden’s lab, old arkovia, SoT, blood grove, that portal in the blood grove, and darkvale village every day for a week and I have yet to see a nemesis. I see heroes aplenty, I see the bosses that are always around, but not a single mob has a red name, and that saddens me. It’s such a neat sounding thing and I hear the drops are good, but I guess I’ll never know because their spawn location is apparently “anywhere a hero mob might be” which in turn means “the whole fucking world” and I just don’t have the time to commit genocide.

Would it be so much to ask to just confine them to one part of the map? They can wander around that map if you really need them to but good lord, narrow the hunting ground a little so I can actually hunt. You don’t have to give me a magnet but I do need an inkling as to which haystack the needle is in.

Maybe some kind of tracker on the minimap like the “you died here” marker, but with the appropriate nemesis insignia on it pointing the way and/or some NPC/bulletin board saying “this big honking cthonian was spotted in <map>”, are you a bad enough dude to go murder it?" and such.

Odd. The moment I unlocked Nemesis on factions, I started running into them everywhere and it wasn’t always pleasant.

You might want to check the Nemesis Spawn thread and give some of those areas a try. If I want to, I can generally hunt down three Nemesis within half an hour easy.

You might enjoy perusing threads already in existence where the community has assembled specific and exhaustive lists of the possible spawn locations for each nemesis.

This map has nemesis spawn location marked. You might want to check it out. But plz beware! There are lots of spoilers!

Same here. Died many times to a nemesis boss before finally giving up and just running through it. Luckily there was such an option. I later realized that my stun resistances were not good enough to survive the combat, working on that now.

Yes, I have checked those threads and have gone through a ton of the supposed spawn locations to no avail. As I said, I have gone through huge chunks of the map where nemeses allegedly spawn, only to see yet another flimsy hero that drops a few hundred iron bits and maybe a rare.

It has some, but according to the aforementioned threads there’s many more not mentioned. Or maybe those threads are out of date since many of them were started multiple years ago. In either case, I’ve been through all of those sites and been disappointed.

Then you just have some bad luck. I refuse to believe you’ve been trying all that much if you can’t find the Aetherial, Cronley, or Undead Nemesis. Those three are probably the easiest to find and it takes all of fifteen(ish) minutes to check multiple spawn locations for all three.

Benn’Jahr (Chthonic Nemesis) is probably the most difficult Nemesis to find because he has so many spawn points, they really need to remove a few of them.

But i find it hard to believe that you haven’t found a single one after a week of searching. I can even find Benn’Jahr in around 20 to 30 minutes of searching.

Try playing Crucible if your char is OP. Fighting nemesis all the time there.

I hear that out of a lot of people and it’s a shit response. If I’m having this much “bad luck” then something needs to be fixed.

I refuse to believe you
I don’t have the Cronley nemesis yet; I hear he has a bunch of bleed damage (which is my worst resist) so I haven’t bothered with the tedium of running the hideout a hundred times.

Dunno what to tell you. I go through and kill all the places people say he spawns and he’s never around. I might not care so much if the bosses ever dropped anything of interest, but that’s another thread.

With which factions have you maxed nemesis status with?

Cronley and Kymon/Undead have little to no spawn locations so they’re easy to find, so easy that they find you before you find them.

Valdaran is a bit hard to come by same goes for Ben

Moosilauke again is easy to come by unless your game had him spawn in Level 4 and 5 of SoT.

And if you’re Nemesis with Outcast, she will be in the same dungeon as always.

So besides two i don’t think finding nemesis is all that hard

Could you give us your faction window screenshot and which difficulty are you playing at? Nemesis are at Ultimate only as far as i know.

Farming Nemeses for loot is inefficient compared to Crucible. Been farming Crucible for a while and I’m literally running out of space on my 6 characters, not to mention the smuggler (I’m only keeping legendaries and exceptional blues like Emp. Legplates of Valor). If you’re hunting them for the challenge of it, though, that’s a different story.

a great (though unlikely) improvement would be to have a second nemesis for “main” enemy factions (the very ones the OP is nemesis with : Aetherial, Chtonian and Undead). the idea would be to have the two Nemeses spawnig for each session. Cronley’s and Kymon’s/ODV doesn’t need it as much because the area they cover is smaller.

i think more Nemeses will come with the expansion, as Crate hinted they were working on more than one Nemesis per faction when introducing them during EA. but if it ever happens it won’t be soon :frowning:

I found Nemesis on Epic too.

Nemeses can spawn regardless of difficulty, provided you meet the faction requirements. You can go back and farm them in Normal if you so desired.

Benn is definitely very hard to find sometimes! He can spawn behind the locked door in BoC…besides all the other locations he can spawn… I did some hunting of him without going behind the locked doors and have spent hours searching and reloading to not find him. I was hoping at least a few of those times he wouldn’t be behind the locked door… Benn’s locations should definitely be cut down some… Or his loot increased if they’re going to cut Fab’s because he’s too easy to find…

I’ve never not found Fab or Valdaran when searching. Valdaran does have a few locations that a longer runs, but he’s always there. Moose sometime is behind the door of SoT. I’ve hunted him a lot just going through AU and the two spots in Twin falls. If he’s not there, I’d check the crumbling overwatch and 1st floor SoT. Probably would find him 75% of the time not behind the Keyed door in SoT.

The spawning could be better for Nemesis mobs. I have ran into my fair share of them, but not as much as I would like to. It would be great if they would add more Nemesis bosses to the game that can appear under different conditions.

For example:

  1. After killing say 20 elites, a random faction Nemesis will appear right when you kill the 20th elite. Will come with a 10 second warning and visual on the screen.

  2. After killing say 200 faction specific mobs, a random Nemesis will appear right when you kill the 200th monster. Will come with a 10 second warning and visual on the screen.

  3. After killing every major boss in the same game, a random faction Nemesis will appear in specified locations.

  4. After spending a certain amount of time in the same game (say 30 min), a random faction Nemesis will appear. Will spawn in 10 seconds of not being in town when the game reaches 30 min of game time.

Spawning of these nemesis mobs would require special conditions so that you don’t get like 3 at once on Hardcore or something. So like, if you trigger one to spawn, the next one won’t spawn right away til:

  1. You are a certain distance away from the current one still alive.

  2. Will spawn in 60 seconds after the first one dies or are at a certain distance away from the first one still alive.

  3. None will spawn within a certain distance of an elite.

Are you even Nemesis status with the factions? That’s the only way a Nemesis can spawn. Ever since i reached Nemesis with the Aetherials and Chthonians with my Commando i’ve killed Valdaran and Benn’Jahr several times.