Discord moderation rage

Hello. I was banned from your discord by a moderator named Max. Instead of just banning me, he called me a retard a dozen of times then banned me when I invited him to find a girlfriend and get a hug. I have never seen a moderator from a game company call me names like that before. The whole thing was very unprofessional. A professional discord would either ban me or keep me in, but not call me names so often.

It turns out he was very angry because I tried to defend someone he kept calling a pedo. It wasn’t a strong defense per say, I just suggested maybe the guy is a troll and not a pedo, and that he should take his material and bring it to the police. But Max was so triggered by the word pedo he just couldn’t think straight, even after sleeping over it. When we talked, he provided me 3 different arguments, and while the first two were certainly brow raising, his third argument of saying he drew furry drawings, along with his hateful comments regarding furries made me realize he was very hateful and biased. Why did you guys put a moderator like that in charge of the discord? Can I be unbanned? And if someone wants to bring an overcriminalization argument and ban me in the style of You Tube, then why would I be the only one banned while everyone else that talks politics and such remain in?

The Grim Dawn Discord is not associated with Crate besides being a community for one of our games. We are not in charge of its admin or moderators. That said…

I think I can guess why you got banned.

We have no control over that. Bring it up with the Discord’s moderators.

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Defend this.

Well, it’s the most official Grim Dawn discord of them all. It’s the one linked on your forums by yourselves, it has folk from your staff as mods and admins and such. Your statement looks more like a legal disclaimer than anything else. Inviting someone to go get hugs is still nothing compared to being called a retard ten or so times before.

I mean, look : Official Community Discord - Grim Dawn

It does not, I’m not sure how that wasn’t made clear in my post.

Because not only did you break the rules, unlike everyone else you were being particularly disruptive while doing so.

When I defended this, which by the way, wasn’t a strong defense, meaning that I was entertaining possibilities rather than thinking him to be completely innocent, I asked what was this person’s age 7 years ago, which might be more than 7 years, since if that screenshot was taken 2 years ago, that would make a total age of 9, and I also said that maybe this was a troll.

Then I invited the moderator to go take his findings and bring them to the police because the police are professionals and have tools to spy on people and they can tell if someone is trolling or if he is a more serious problem that indeed warrants being brought to a court.

I’ve updated that thread’s title to remove any ambiguity, thanks.

If I’m not mistaken, the previous guy that was banned by Max on Discord was later banned on the forum as well so there’s seems to be some consensus :thinking:


Well, anyways. I just don’t like it when people draws conclusions too quickly and sometimes argue things just to defeat that. A lot of people called me the retard word when I suggested that any powerful country like the US or Germany or France or similar could replicate the nerve agent used to poison that UK couple 2 years ago or Navalny recently. The discord has an atmosphere of freedom that isn’t really true.

Consensus, or conspiracy? :thinking:

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With the way Max banned me from there, a lot of people in the discord will be scared to speak their minds. It just creates some low key fear, not fear of dying of course, just fear of getting banned over emotional impulses.

I’m sure that’s frustrating.

I don’t know what the rules are in the GD Discord, but the communities we manage are intended to be for gaming and not to bring in all the frustrations of the real world we are all exposed to constantly everywhere else.


Move on to another discord, it’s not the only grim dawn related discord out there and I’m sure there are other places where you can discuss nerve agents, etc. aswell. It’s a community driven discord by people who are in no way associated with crate entertainment. If they feel like they don’t want to have you there, it’s their desicion. Nothing really anyone else can do about that.
The discord being allowed to be called “official” was probably an oversight by crate in the first place, but it was also fine like this until you thought it’s somehow actually moderated and payed for by crate entertainment since people either a) didn’t behave the same way you apparently did or b) figured the discord wasn’t official after all.

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For the record, insofar as I can tell, this didn’t happen. The most egregious comment was this:



For those that aren’t banned, you can check the conversation in question here. (That link will add you to the server if you aren’t already in it, so if you have no interest, don’t click)

In broader strokes, if anyone does have questions about a (discord) ban OR if they have issues with language used by other members on the server, you’re free to DM me here on the forums or at Ceno#9362 on Discord.

Your Discord might work because from what I’ve seen you have the patience of a saint.
I’m thinking mainly of a guy nicknamed Adios :slight_smile:


Chat log where you defend pedophilia : https://controlc.com/320a8a33

Further mentions where you tell me:

Maybe use your new free time to find a girlfriend
You need a hug?

After discussing that i got fired for covid related contract clauses i wasn’t willing to sign as a EMT and as someone in studies to becoming a doctor. (After i worked tirelessly for 2 weeks without pay knowing i will be fired in the beginning of the year in a state wide medical emergency)

So by definition i dont think anyone can be any more toxic than telling a EMT that worked in the emergency situation without pay, for a good cause to “use your new free time to find a girlfriend” or “do you need a hug?” (ironically).

But sure feel free to go a head and complain about it with half of the facts behind the moderations back instead of actually contacting someone that could have resolved the issue for you from the Moderation team of the Discord.

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This is a good example why you shouldn’t be a moderator. You call me out on inviting you to get some hugs yet do not mention the fact that you called me a retard 10 times before that. A mind with an intent to moderate would put the ten retard insults as part of the balance. But whatever you do doesn’t matter in your mind, only what I did.

As for your life situation, I honestly don’t care. Not in a positive or negative way. You’re just being manipulative by posing yourself as some kind of victim. Maybe you are going through some tough times but that doesn’t mean everyone knows about it, about you. I didn’t read every line you wrote about yourself. From my point of view, you called me a retard 10 times and I invited you to get a girlfriend for some hugs and that’s all there is about it.

Who can I contact once I’m banned from the discord? I have no recourse. I can’t contact nobody cuz I’m banned. You just had a bad day and dumped it all on me.

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I think everything that needed to be answered in the OP has been.

Any personal discussions between individuals have no place on the public forum here, nor is this an appropriate place to do so.