[Display] Swap physical and stun resistance in the character tab


In the first tab, we have the resistances associated to damage (fire, cold…).
In the second tab, there are the “effects” as I call them (freeze, slow…).

Why is stun reduced duration in the first tab and physical resistance in the second? It seems like it would be more consistent to swap.

Physical resistance is hard to come by (especially for non physical builds). A character with 100% armor absorption and good DA can overcome the lack of physical resistance. Stun on the other hand is something you need to pay attention to, as the it’s dangerous to get stunned and even worse to get chain-stunned (The Iron Maiden)

So is freeze or trap.

Freeze and Trap resist are far easier to come by than Physical resist. Footpads of the Grey Magi alone can max trap resist. While the max physical resist i had at once was with my Warder and it was only 31% (and that was with the Savagery transmuter).

I agree with the OP. It makes more sense to me to group damage and control resists together regardless of how common some are over others.