Do ALL difficulties now unlock when Loghorrean defeated?

I have not used a merit on this latest build but elite and ultimate difficulties are now unlocked when Loghorrean defeated on normal only. ver 1.2. Did I miss something in the change log?



OOOOoookay. I’ll have to look. I just saw a wall of itemization stuff. Not a fundamental game change.

there’s a lot of fundamental changes in the changelog :sweat_smile: Grim Dawn Version v1.2.0.0 coming November 16th!

anywhere, here’s the mention of difficulty unlock

Just saw that changed on 11/3. I can’t believe I just noticed this. So HC beware! Could be tempting and dangerous.

While we are at it, i’m curious… does HC also have the Skip-Merits?

there is no difference between SC or HC besides perma death

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