Do bosses in crucible have higher OA/DA than listed in grimtool?

I noticed that most nemesis monsters have 2453 oa in grim tool, fabius has a -108 da aura and iron maiden reduce da on hit with marknovan. So I was wondering if bosses in crucible show up with increased stats because I see most people settle with 2.8k - 3k da.

I only meet the 2453 + 108 threshold currently for this build I’m planning on and I was wondering if I need to invest more into da to remove crits from the table if I want to do crucible.

Grimtools shows the correct stats, but you do want to prevent crits, so you need to have over 2700 DA to remove it from most mobs. However, some mobs have debuffs, and others have buffs that can require higher than 2700 to completely remove the crits. After that, more DA reduces how often you are hit as well, which can be very useful.

You have “enough” DA for crucible but more is always better (see: that 5k+ DA trend currently associated with east Asian)

And debuffs, yea.

Okay thanks, yea seems like according to the formula if enemy hit chance is lower than 70% they start losing overall damage, but 5k da sure is a lot of investment, I guess I can try something like that when working on a non crit build that’s only looking for 90 pth.

I made a similar mistake, monster OA and DA is bigger in base game and crucible than what you saw in GrimTool because it uses a level 100 monster level by default.
In reality, Nemesis in crucible are level 110+ from what I remember, and even base white monster are more than level 100.

Assuming a level 111 Fabius, he has 2697 OA AND 2493 DA, not 2453 OA and 2254 DA.

I like that current trend since it allows for tank casters if you sac some damage for a few pieces of gear with Stalwart and Readiness rolls.