Do devotions proc per cast or per enemy hit?

Meaning a 15% devotion will have a single chance to proc when a skill is cast or if said skill hits 10 enemies I’ll have 10x 15% chance to proc it?


Yes ///10char

If that skill is AoE skill - yes each enemy hit has the same chance and accumulate for each successful hit til it procs.

Awesome! Another question, to not open a different thread.

Do the transmuter of Righteous Fervor also changes the Internal Trauma of Retribution to Poison? If not, still any phys converted to acid should do it, right?

Each enemy has 15% chance to proc it, so if you hit 10 enemies, you effectively have 80.312559565927734375% chance of proccing it.

Yes. All sources of physical damage will be converted.

80% is quite good! xD

But the conversion happens because the modifier? It doesn’t show on the skill tab, like righteous fever.