Do enemies have +x% to OA and DA?


Could you please advise if enemies have +x% to OA and DA like players? In other words, if a skill’s description implies it removes 100 OA, is there a multiplier to consider?

You can check that in GT. As far as I know, Dammitt added raw stats + bonuses as passives, so I’d assume if a monster has 2300 DA with no buffs on it, it’s the base stat and removing 10% of the DA would result in a 230 DA loss. Another factor is no -%DA in anything that’s easy to get, Devotions or skills.

Thank you. Indeed, some of them have passive abilities or procs. Not many, however.

In which order will those buff’s/debuffs apply?
Is it like it is with player DA and OA?

fixed values first and percentage after that ?

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