Do I have to transfer files between computers

In that file it has the character I dont wanna play on, do you just wanna message me or something and try and walk me through it?

Which one? Do you have cloud saving enabled or not? Check both the Steam settings and the ingame Options Menu.

Both of them have cloud save on them and for some reason I only have one character, is it per character?

No, they all get saved there.

I will check on my other computer when im over there tomorrow, do you have discord so I could better explain my situation?

There’s the offical one

But I’m not sure how being on that makes explanations easier, but sign up by all means if you want to talk to me and others about it.

ive joined it and @ you

Try opening up Explorer and navigate to the root of the C drive and typing your character’s name in the Search box.

It does not exist, should I manually take the files from my other computer via thumb drive and install them with the other saves?

Sure. Make sure you place them in the local saving location in the Documents/MyGames location. Then you need to make sure you disable cloudsaving in TWO locations. There is an in-game setting that needs to be disabled and there is a Steam setting for cloudsaving that needs to be disabled - right-click on GD and select Properties to find it.

If you don’t disable cloudsaving then the characters you place there will not show up in-game until you do.

powbam’s added some screenshots towards the end of the thread which may help you understand how to do it too.

will i have to do this only once? or everytime i switch computers?

If you use local saving… yes - you would need to manually move them. If you use cloudsaving you technically shouldn’t have to. My guide at the link Medea posted just above is at post number 208 and it shows you how to properly transfer characters from cloud-saving to local and then it has a section for how to put them back into the cloud.

so i can manually move only once, take the files i manually moved and make them into cloud files?

Yes, if you follow the steps I detail you shouldn’t have any problems. I’ve done it a few times testing it out to write that guide and had no problems moving them back and forth.

The guide that medea posted?

This link will take you directly to my post in the thread.

well it has seem you have brought me to a solution, thank you so much, i can’t wait to play with my friends again

:+1: :grava_yes:

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