Do WPS procs compete for % to activate?

That probably isn’t worded well… but for example:

As a Battlemage, I just have Markovian’s and Zolhan’s, both at 23%.

I have items that buff Markovian’s and value that going off more, plus I don’t really need additional multi-target damage that I suppose Zolhan’s would provide. If I unskilled Zolhan’s, does that result in more Markovian’s going off?

I don’t know how that works, but I would think it would since at the very least, a Markovian’s can’t proc at the same time a Zolhan’s is going off, but I have no idea if there are hidden mechanics on WPS procs. Like if a Zolhan’s going off increases the % chance of a Markovian’s going off for it’s next proc, etc.

I’m not sure why but I can’t ever seem to find some of this more detailed stuff through searching, and maybe I just don’t understand how to use it well enough yet. I know I’ve seen some talk about this stuff, but then can’t seem to go back and find it when I need it.

Mathematicly, no. Let’s say you have 4 wps with %25 chance; computer dice a value between 1-100 and and you hit what comes for the number. If you have only one wps with %25 chance,engine throw a dice again. the odds are the same. You can sometimes hit that wps in a row but you can hit blank in a row aswell.

Most people could say focusing one is better because you wanna hit that one more often, but it’s just rng. I have made a lot of builds with %100 wps, %100+ wps and can say that there is no way you can determine what to proc, or how often by excluding one or adding another. Only thing that matter is %chance on value, if you wanna hit one more often, just invest that one to reach higher %chance.

But %100+ often not recommended if you have one with mods, others without mods.

Makes sense, but really though every attack that procs one, would be 1 attack that couldn’t proc the other, right? For simplicity sake assuming you just have two WPS that are 25% each.

So say 25% for both, which would average 1 in 4 hits. So if 1 in 4 attacks might be Zolhan’s, wouldn’t that, on average, automatically lower both of their %'s to 20%?

Obviously it doesn’t work exactly like that with RNG and %'s… so it wouldn’t take away a whole 5%… but probably a couple % on average? Which I suppose is really not a big deal. Or I am just thinking about it too much.

Edit: Not trying to be annoying, just really curious about and thinking about it.

No, if you have two %25 chance wps; you’ll have %50 chance to proc one of them in every hits. Every hit has it’s own math. There is no a whole equation. It’s very possible to hit blank 4 times in a row if you have %50 wps chance proc. Same as hitting one of them 4 times in a row.

Having a single WPS at 25% just means 75% of the time you’ll be dealing normal attacks, which are weaker. So even if you say you “don’t need multitarget from Zolhan’s”, it’s better DPS-wise to have it than not. Especially now when some of WPS animations became faster.