Does Alkamos really only have 1% chance to drop his rings?

I read in another thread that he has 10% chance to drop either ring but only 10% to equip a ring at all, so it’s 1% chance to get a purple ring.

That can’t be true, right…?
I’m starting to believe it though. On run 42 right now and I’ve seen 3 of the same blue rings in the first 20 runs, Soulrend on run 26 and no sign of either purple ring yet.

Last time I did this I got 3 purple rings and the scythe in ~22 runs, that must’ve been extreme luck or right now I’m on the opposite of that spree.
I’m already dreading finding one ring and then farming the other one and rolling the same drop with that 1% chance over and over.

So has anyone found the 94 versions of these rings yet? If so what were your run tallies like?
Starting to run low on materials and feeling hurt, angry and betrayed. (well not really, but this is starting to get really boring)

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I did 150 runs pre-expansion. Got 5 Dread , 12 Anguish 8 soulrend.

I did ~20 runs, got 2 soulrends 1 anguish (my 6th attempt) all 94 version.

how to equiv souldrend and legendary alkamos rings regarding trading?

can you ask for 1 souldrend = 5 mythicals and 1 ring = 10 mythicals items?

or less/more?

(im in hc if it matters, maybe a bit more dangerous there)

Yeah, that seems to mirror my pre-XP drop rates.

Damn, I want your luck.

Run 45: Soulrend #2, you can see him carrying it. :slight_smile:
Turns out it has a pretty monstrous roll, almost top rolls in everything that matters except the Frostburn, but I just don’t use this since I don’t play SS builds. Never have and probably never will, I just want my damn rings.

Had to destroy my previous soulrend 94 (as i want my seal of might back), my second is better with 53% convert to cold and 18% crit, min frost dmg bonus.
Dude RNG rly hate you, btw I love SS soulrend build as the most mobility class, also use my SB for 90% farming time, except crucible and nemesis ( my wb poison and sor bwc work better). The only downside of it is killing cold heroes or Moo rly pain in the ***, I have to ignore them.

today finished my 60th run and till now I only got 3 blue rings and 1 legendary… no soulrend yet:furious:

Don’t all boss-specific uniques in rouge(the character from Sonic)-like dungeons have 1/50 chance to drop?

The weapons yes, those rings not so much as the chance he even equips any ring is low.

I got one of the rings (94) on hc after 5-6 runs today. I hate the fight tho.

If anyone wants it there is a hc thread with what i want

Could be worse, could be the Valbury healing debuffing self exploding Trio :rolleyes:

can someone post a gif/video with alkamos rings equipped?

I wanna see the Dreadfire.

PS: Is there any working build I can do on HC with both alkamos rings (got only 1 for now) and Mythical Heart of the Mountain amulet (because why not ? The yeti stuns and freezes targets)

Do I need the scythe too? :confused:

Soulrends is BiS for 2hand cold build, its proc really cool with nice effect and freezing targets. I can post a sreenshot with my 94 soulrend and 75 rings set, but somehow using printscreen in-game gives me an all-black screenshot, dont know how to fix.

Don’t tell me , i have farmed the rings in vanilla and now i have to do that again for mythical version.

Does he drop the lower levels ones in elite now?

Did 51 runs today, ripped a pair of non-myphical rings in process. Got only one(omg WTF) blue ring and a pack of godlike Moo MIs. No Scytne, no purple rings >>
Aslo corruptor mask is rigged, that goddamn piece of crap is more annoying that spellsage boots>

i got my mythical soulrend at run 63 :smiley: don’t give up :rolleyes:

I ended up getting both rings after doing 98 runs, with them dropping in the last 25 runs. Fortunately for me I didn’t get duplicate legendary rings, but unfortunately one of the rings has an absolutely terrible roll (almost lowest possible on every variable stat) which makes me want to farm another.

Some stats:
Touch of Dread: run 75
Touch of Anguish: 98
Soulrend: 26, 45, 65, 87, 102
Agony (blue ring): 8, 13, 20, 62, 63, 86
Torment: 58

Total runs: 102 so far (still trying to get a ring with a better roll occasionally) plus a few failures since Alkamos hits really hard.

Limited sample size but the scythe seems to drop about every 20 runs while the rings are a lot rarer, hardcore farming for them is not something I care to repeat.
A small cluster of exclusive drops around the 60s which gave me hope but the first purple ring didn’t drop until 75.

I’ve done around 50 runs so far, 2 soulrends and 1 Dread. But of course it rolled garbage conversion so it wouldn’t even be an upgrade on my current one if I had its partner.

Hey, it’s something to do.

Did 80 runs on top of previos 31. Got 2 soulrend, one with almost everething maxed, Ancient Moo of Vitality and whole pack of corruptors masks>_> No rings :frog: