Does Armor, Phys Resist, Absorbtion, Resists still work?

In Act 1 and 2 on vet I really cannot tell if those stackable status+ work or not. I have Zaria coming up soon in Act 3. I am guessing that will be the test for both character status and a real Sunder effect.
What have you noticed as far as stacking. the above in 1.2.
Mainly a inquiry. Thanks!

What an odd question. Do you have a reason to believe they wouldn’t work now? Those layers of defense have been around for like, a decade now, and I don’t think they’ve been changed much (if at all) since then. There’s nothing in the patch notes about them changing either.

I have an inkling that if suddenly resists or armor didn’t work anymore, we would have known within 2 seconds of fighting something.

you can relatively easy test this
take a char, with 0 armour and absorb, 0 phys res, and 86+ bleed res, and go fight Gutworm in act 1
(without resetting to main menu) - now you take the same char, same bleed res, stack all the armour rating with 98+ armour absorb and however much phys res you can swing (without doing a shield preferably so potential block doesnt’ interfere with dmg mitigation)
fight Gutworm again