does every damage type had a DoT equivalent?

Fire -> Burn
Cold -> Frostburn
Lighting -> Electrocute
Poison & Acid -> ?
Vitality -> ?
Piercing -> ?
Bleeding -> ?
Chaos -> ?
Aether -> ?

also is “physical” damage a unique damage type, or is it just a qualifier for piercing and bleeding? is physical damage mitigated by a resistance? do %physical damage component affect pierce and bleed?

Acid > Poison
Vitality > Vitality Decay
Physical > Trauma

Bleeding is a DoT

Physical damage is mitigated by armor and physical damage resistance, and absorbtion.

Pierce > Bleed

Dont know for sure :stuck_out_tongue:

Physical damage has internal trauma, Vitality has vitality decay. Aether/Chaos DoTs can be achieved by converting internal trauma (“physical damage converted to aether/chaos”), but those damage type are listed as “unknown” in the damage breakdown.
Pierce and bleed don’t have equivalents.

Isn’t it fixed in B30?

Nope, separate damage types. We have separate pierce and bleeding resistances.