Does flashbang have chance to proc eldritchs Fire like COF?

With cof, eldritch’s fire have chance to proc every tick rite? I wonder whether it is same with flashbang because it seems to proc less often than COF.

Unlike CoF, Flashbang doesn’t tick and just applies the full duration of it’s debuffs on impact. Because of that it only has one chance per cast to trigger a devotion proc and is much less useful in that regard imo.

Thank you for the info. Then i will need both for pyromancer.

Flashbang is pretty amazing for proccing Meteor Shower. For Eldtrich Fire I use Demon Breath from Devil-Touched Ammo component - pretty effective.

If i do as you do, where should i bind my fire strike to?

I’d bind fire strike to LMB and demon breath to RMB, personally.

I mean devotion.

I’de say something with a low cooldown like Elemental Storm or Flame Torrent.

What about meteor shower?

Flashbang works well as mentioned above.

I prefer skills like Oleron’s Might as the cooldown on it is very close to the cooldown on Meteor Shower and brings the proc chance on it up to 100%. If you use Oleron’s on cooldown for the damage reduction, you keep Meteors up almost constantly. Try to find an ability with a cooldown close to Meteors that you’ll use to keep up a debuff, something like that.

My ranged dual weild set-up: Firestrike + Eldritch Sword

BWC + CD Transmuter + Shower: Cooldown means higher proc chance. Area Dot means every tick on each trash under the effect of it has a chance to proc. Many high chance possible procs = on demand shower.

Curse of Frailty + Flame Torrent: Same principle as above.

If you also have Elemental storm (you shouldn’t, just get Agonizing flames to 12/12), add it to Hellfire mines. Same principle as above. In general those “area denial” spells (aoe dots) are awesome to proc those devotions because they have a chance to do it for every tick of damage on every enemy under it.

I’ve seen thermite mines+shower but i dislike it cos a) 15% chance, which isn’t all that bad cos u’ll be facing large mob packs most of the time but most importantl b) energy cost. I want shower to be spammable as one of my main ways of dealing damage and I use hellfire mines as an extra layer of damage in the fights that the shower and my shots won’t cut it.

EDIT: definitely no devotion attached to flashbang. its only merit as a devotion carrier is the 1 second CD that doesn’t even improve the chance by all that much. a couple of devotions I’d actually place on that skill would be time dilation(people place this on high CD skills, I disagree, I see it as using the high cd skill then spamming a low cd one till the devo procs and then you reuse your high cd skill). And cleansing waters I guess? But that’s pretty much it.

it’s not like COF, it’s on hit. I wouldn’t recommend. Mteors on FB, or elemental storm, maybe. But not devotions with 15% base chanve