Does most pure builds suck?

Just asking and sorry for my choice of words but to me it seems that if you want to have strong character and at least want to be able to play Elite you
MUST have a dual class build. I know that there are some good pure builds but most pure builds have the following weakness and that would be the lack of stats to take on stronger gear.( Thats a different topic now so i won’t go further into that.)

But whats your opinion? Do you agree or disagree?

If you disagree you are free to post some strong pure builds in the comments.

Pretty much. The game is designed around that and while you probably CAN make a single class build work, it would take a lot of effort and optimal gear for no real benefit.

They suck because the game is built around picking two masteries. Picking only one mastery is a severe handicap.

The plus side to a pure build is you have 50+ extra points to pump into your class. I think personally though, build diversity would be awkward and you would potentially be missing out on more defensive skills from another skill tree.

You already said it too, but yes, the lack of the extra stat points would hurt a bit.

For me, playing “pure builds” is a self-imposed rule just like playing pantless of whatever challenge you can imagine. It’s not supposed to be strong.

“Pure builds” were a thing back in early access when the level cap was 25. There’s no sane reason to make one now; your core stats would be so low you’d be dead before you could use all your active abilities.


Tbh, I don’t even know why they put the single Masteries in. They should’ve done something akin to The Secret World’s Ability Wheel.

The real classes are dual classes btw.

My opinion is that the game is not meant to be played with one mastery only / one hand tied behind the back. This should be very clear to everyone, and anyone who is misguided enough to stick to one mastery only deserves what they get.

Hell, even I, a hardcore Single Mastery supporter gave up on that idea.

Because you don’t really get anything for going Single. Except you keep the original name. But in most cases advanced names are more sexy. Purifier vs Inq / Demo, Witchblade vs Soldier / Occ, Spellbreaker vs Arcanist / Nightblade. Etc.

The only single names that are good, imo, are Nightblade, Inquisitor and…Shaman I guess. Everything else has much cooler dual names.

Thanks for all the replys. I guess I will give up one the idea to have pure builds, as it seems to be extremly useless.

ALso thanks for the one build suggestion for a pure soldier. I will tr that one out.

If you want, ask around and you could perhaps get a mod that’ll allow you to put 100 points into a single Mastery. But it’s…nothing doing. Because Masteries aren’t really that coherent from utilitarian perspective. Sure, they share same ideas and elements, but from utility perspective? A lot of those skills often step on each other’s toes and don’t function that good together. Not to mention there are better / optimal abilities in other Masteries.

If you want, you can go up to 100. Just ask people, perhaps someone will make such a mod(it’s a quick thing to change).

I just finished Ultimate without any classes, so it is possible to do it without picking 2 or even 1 class. I attached some screenshots.

Well, game is designed/balanced around using 2 classes by each character. Why do you wonder, that using only half of your character’s power will make him weak?
And you can beat elite with just 1 class. For example, you can play my build (in signature) as pure soldier on normal/elite. In Ultimate, though, you’ll find that you have too many spare skill points for 1 class, and will feel yourself too weak if dont invest into second class as well.

I levelled a soldier as per JoV’s single-class build and it was crazy-strong.

I do see it did include a few deaths. I’m surprised you were able to wear all that armor.

I got decently far with respectively a soldier, arcanist and nightblade (cleared elite one each three), but at the end of the day the game is designed for duel classes - even if it just for the extra mastery points to survivability.

Only soldier can be a single viable class build, since it has many passive skills,
as already told by the people

Thats awesome

This is interesting, but then there is a big difference between “possible” and enjoyable. I’m more impressed by your 84% physical resistance. :o