Does multiplayer change just how far you can go with some builds?

So I’ve been trying to rope my wife into breaking away from the main campaign a bit to try some Crucible runs just to see how far we can get together and started wondering - can you go a little more min/max with your builds in multiplayer Crucible?

She loves to face tank and I love to glass cannon and I came around to the notion that maybe together we could get further than I could on my own with my Glassiest of All Cannons Purifier build. Have any of you found this to be the case? Is it the case early on in a Crucible run but not as much later? Just kinda curious as to how far you can go in avoiding certain skills and loot in multiplayer Crucible.

It is possible to have a tank/glass cannon going through crucible though the way enemies aggro can be a problem sometimes as they usually go for whoever deals the high damage.

The game is much easier in team, mob hp only scale by 25% per player (iirc) which is kinda low number when you add together synergy buffs between players (offense&defense), aggro splitting and of course the damage output that bring an extra player.

Overall playing in team break the game balance in my opinion.

SR might fix some of these aspects in some way:p

Closer to 18%. It’s ridiculously easy. I’ve already tried a super synergy team with 2 other playtesters. It’s absolutely bonkers, but kind of fun in its own way. Four players well put together for each other would be magnitudes mightier.

You can, but you don’t really have to. If we’re talking ideal scenarios, she’ll probably be playing some Soldier with Mythical Warborn Visor to spam War Cry off cooldown so she can hold aggro, but that doesn’t mean you have to go maximum glass cannon just for the sake of it. I don’t consider neglecting DA, resistances etc. to be worth it if all you’re gaining is a meager 10% sheet DPS increase. In practice, being able to stand there and gun things down without having to run away will net you better clear times anyhow.

What you should really be looking into is trying to optimize auras/debuffs that benefit one another. For example, when playing a Witchblade, I’d normally take Blitz - Blindside for the DA debuff, but if I have a Demolitionist in my party spamming Flashbang, I can neglect it (since reduced DA doesn’t stack) and take Curse of Frailty - Vulnerability instead to boost the Demo’s damage output, even if I don’t directly benefit from taking it. As for the Demo, he should probably look into maximizing armor absorption and/or wear the Justicar set to make full use of Soldier’s massive armor buff aura. Unfortunately War Cry and Aura of Censure have a bit of overlap, but Aura of Conviction is likely still not worth it.

Oh and, if you can somehow manage it, try to overcap Inquisitor Seal as far as possible to make tanking easier. 16/12 should be doable without too much overspecialization. If you’re running Dagallon, then Scales of Beronath might be your best bet for increasing Seal.

From my experience you don’t even need tank/glass cannon combination. Just two fully decked characters with some kind of synergy between them (like one char adding resist reduction to the damage of other char) and everything melts in seconds, and Crucible Gladiator 150-170 becomes a meat grinder for monsters to the point when only thing that holding back your clear times is some kind of bugged out mob/hero being scared shitless and staying at his spawn.

I did that too pre-AoM, 4 players crucible was just ridiculus, nemesis dying in split of a second.

A good example is that Mogdrogen 27secs kill (videohere) we did pre-AoM, it illustrate perfectly how broken a good synergy team is.

As a reminder the fastest solo mog kill back then was around 5 mins (that build got heavily nerfed later on), average kill speed was more around for 10 mins for decent builds.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. It’s changed some of the blueprint I had in mind and I’ll definitely look into more things that benefit the both of us rather than pumping up my elemental damages and OA to extremes while asking her to leap in front of enemies and their attacks. :smiley: