Does Wendigo's Mark Stack

Kind of new to the forums but i could not find anything any answer to this. If i understand the mechanics correctly each dagger of phantasmal blades can proc seperatly so with a devotion skill like wendigo’s mark each dagger can apply wendigo’s mark to each target it hits but what about a target that is hit more than once can you stack the mark on one opponet this way.

I am wondering since i am playing with a reaper with phantasamal blade and siphon souls which both seem to be great choices for wendigo’s mark. Which one is the better choice.

Debuffs of the same name don’t stack with themselves. This applies to wendigo’s mark or any debuff that you might find on items (for example, two of the same ring with the same proc won’t stack)

Ah Thanks that is kind of a let down though. I guess siphon souls is prob the better option then.