Don't you love RNG when

You restore a shrine and it rewards you with all greens? :cool:

nice to see one of the changes they made in the later patches…improvements to shrine loots… still remembered the olden days when after farming mats for mistborn talisman I was ending up loot picking trash as a reward… :rolleyes:

Not when only two of those will be good at level 26. :rolleyes:

It was only actually improved in Ultimate. All greens in shrines from Veteran is quite common. Heck, most of the time i barely get any greens, just a bunch of white and yellow items.

Unfortunately none of those greens were of any use for my current toon, but it was a sight to behold nevertheless. :smiley:

well in that case vet/normal needs their fair share of greens too, you know everybody loves green! :stuck_out_tongue: I do get a lot of good drops though in my end but not like OP’s 7 or 8 in one dropping.