Doom Bolt Cabalist

Hey guys, first off I want to say that this game is SICK! I am having so much fun trying out all of the crazy builds out there. Honestly I spent about 15 hours over the last 3 days just building characters in the trainer to see if I could make them work. For some reason I really wanted to make Doombolt work with a life steal build. With that in mind I made this.

I have not been playing too long, so any input that could help me optimize the build would be greatly appreciated.

The set chest and shoulder convert chaos to aether dmg. The Albrecht ring too.
This set is used for aether dmg, not chaos.

For example you do maybe full aether/vitality dmg with doom bolt instead chaos/vitality.

Thats why that you dont skill solaels witchblade in devotion. Maybe use the Widow for aether/lighting resist reduction.

But i see you little bit chaos dmg because you convert elemental to chaos from your offhand. that doesnt fit…^^

Personally looking at your skills I would think about using The Harbinger’s Message set (120% weapon damage to doom bolt) or mix and match as theres some really nice none set gear like the Mythical Damnation axe.