Just upgraded my pc and got Doom on special a few weeks ago, so far I am really impressed just made it to hell!

If you are talking about the recent one, yeah its not a bad game, at least it is better then doom 3, which wasn’t that good at all.

However, you really want a good old fashioned old school version, then you can install brutal doom.

You need a recent version of GZdoom, and all the levels of doom, (so buy the game from steam, but you just need the complete levels file.

Also watch out for V21 of brutal doom, if you seen the dev diary, it will be awesome.

So once you finished with that new version, setup and fire up the old school version, much more satisfying!!

Doom happens to be third game played I’ve played preceded by FreeCell and Minesweeper

I think when comparing it to old w/o nostalgia goggles the new one does pretty well in its own right

But yeah matthewfarmery is right, you should try Brutal Doom. Not saying it’s necessarily better but rather it provides a refreshing experience

Doom/Doom2 Were amongstf the games if played most in my childhood. Is it weird then that i’ve also played Doom 3 many times over? I see that most people hate it.

Not saying the new Doom is bad, i’d love to play it if i had a decent pc but i’m starting to think it’s almost strange that liked Doom 3

I never understood why so many people said that Doom 2016 was so great, with fast and brutal action. It was meh.
Shadow Warrior 2 does the job so much better. Not perfect because of the generated maps and the glyphs system – but the glyphs seem to have been improved through free DLCs – but it was fun and so much more in the spirit of the old FPS.

I dunno, I played it back when it came out. I remember liking it well enough.

Yeah it looks sick. Will have to try it out for sure!