DOOMBABY - DW Dervish, superboss killer (c+)(SR+)(g3)

for devo proc
wild opinion: did you tried 1 pointer blade spirit? hitting ss only for proc sounds too much of a chore for 1 button person like me

You need reliable proc for Aeons, so no Blade Spirits

Why should we? We already have RR from Revenant!


I’m new here so I’m sorry if someone already asked this question, but I tried to find the answer in the previous replays but I couldn’t.

First I wanna ask if there is a chance to see the skill tree on GT without the bonus skill points from the items. If there is chance, can someone tell me how to do that because I want to check the skill tree without any bonuses so I can use it from the beginning of my journey in GD. Otherwise, It will be helpful if someone can give me a GT link only with the points in the skill tree itself (without item skill bonuses).


If you are going to start from the very beginning, there is a very good guide
In GT press shift+ctrl to see skill tree without gear bonuses

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Thank you very much! This is very helpful!

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I was wondering why do you use spellbreaker if your main damage is poison?

Are not you losing damage by the conversion of poison to piercing?

sry idk to much about the game

You are right, it shouldnt be used anymore in poison builds. The conversion was added in the last patch a few days ago

I haven’t updated the build yet

I suggest Blade Breaker Sash as the easy solution (you just lose a little flat and aether res, get max bleed res). Or Treacherous Means + Meditation if you can somehow pull it off on a no-green. This combo is undeniably best dmg-wise - if you can deal with the fact that just one less +1 to nightblade makes you a lvl 85 character skillpoint-wise.

I have tested both and can say that I don’t like Bladebreaker at all, with PoTM I still have good res, dmg and OA. I have SR vid with new spec, a bit later will record Cruci runs

Yeah, Treacherous is amazing especially with Meditation (the combo is op) but your spec is full auto attack. You need those +1 for wps. And last ranks to things like LA or Merciless give really lots of flat, too. I didn’t find a way to use it on mine but 1) didn’t really try, 2) yours saves lotsa points from ABB.

Updated, expect other vids soon

what is the actual op part? u mean the flat 25 vit damage converted 50% from relic to acid via belt? or the +2 to all OK skills?

Lol, why the sudden love for ABB as to softcap it?

Good work on keeping up with the nerfs and appreciate you sharing the build updates, thank you.

Though for my dervish i vastly prefer the acid devotion route - it is about style for me more than just using the go-to devotion spec with DG/Aeon etc (which i really dont see thematically fitting for an poison assassin/ninja archetype).

Hope they introduce more incenitive to go full acid devotion not only for style purposes but also to be also more efficient vs non-acid themed ones.

To add more context here is what i am still rolling with:
Crafted gear with +slow rest (sitting at 60% total ingame).
Can do relatively consistently 75-76 runs (kitting always works wonders with dot builds) without the use of potions/shrines.

How do you kill any superbosses with this build? Been trying on Ravanger and Mogdrogen with no luck.

I played with different setups with overmaxing ABB, NHH ect. This one I liked more then others.

Why not, prob a bit later, but I’ll add it