DoT stacking

Is it possible to stack DoT from different sources?

I’ve seen a guide for a char using Blight where it seems to work. I’d like to play Conjurer with physical/bleeding DoT stacking from Grasping Vines, Primal Spirit, Devouring Swarm and Bleeding Pox but unsure if it’s a viable strategy.

  1. DoTs from different sources stack. In your case it’s different sources.
  2. When using %weapon damage skills with a weapon that does DoT damage, only DoT from the biggest %weapon damage applies. The reason is they have a single source - your weapon. This is not your case, because you don’t use weapon damage skills. Still felt like pointing it out, because it’s the most non-obvious thing.
  3. The viability of your build has nothing to do with DoT stacking. Bleed Conjurers are considered weak because they don’t have super strong bleed sources. When one tries to make a bleed build he usually picks either soldier or nightblade and adds occultist or shaman for resistance reduction.

Thanks for clarification. I mainly want Conjurer due to CoF/DS/Primal Bond combo, large AoE and pets although I agree this isn’t the best class choice.

Just to add that Primal Spirit’s damage is negligible unless you’re a pet focused build, you’d need significant investment in pet scaling to make it relevant.

#3 from above post is spot on, Conjurer caster simply doesn’t provide enough Bleed damage. The skills you listed are not designed for DPS but their massive debuffs. For comparison, one single max transmuted Blade Arc will beat the combined DoT from all the listed skills. (best single DoT is still Shadow Strike Witch Hunter…)

For a pure Conjurer caster, you mainly deal a split of Vitality and Bleed damage. I’m inclined to go more Vitality because it is more reliable and gives more utility: Sigil gives leech, Wendigo provides heal, Doom bolt nukes single target, and Corrupted Storm totem gives massive AoE.

Though you may combine with Poison (e.g. DEE, Mark of Dreeg, etc) if you want to stick with DoT stacking.

I don’t think this is quite so.

All % weapon damage sources stack flat bleed sources from weapons/devotion/other sources from gear (rings, amulets, medal, armor).

It’s why playing trickster has advantages. Each WPS stacks bleed dmg. Circle of Slaughter will also stack bleed but only from main hand, oleron’s blood ability etc.

+1 to this, WPS sources do stack

But iirc, you said that Cadence is an exception to this?

Weird. I admit I haven’t tested it myself, but I think I’ve read it on this forum before.

Cadence is no exception. Did you see the fire strike thread?:stuck_out_tongue: I use cadence for burn DoT. So much stonger

But afaik you don’t use any other WPS skills there, do you?

No but they would stack (outside of cadence procs). Just not enough skills to make them worth while. I’d go for zollhan’s since it even has over 100% WP damage

I know it stacks with non WD sources but you said Cadence DoT won’t stack with other WPS sources

I did? When? Didn’t mean to:rolleyes:

There is no reason why it wouldn’t even if they can’t proc at the same time

Hmm, thanks for the info