Double-Barrel pistol vs Rotating Rifle

So, there is two “upgrade lines” for reliable and easy to obtain ranged started weapons:

  • Double-Barrel Pistol -> Hand Mortar -> Shrapnel Pistol
  • Rotating Rifle -> Front-loading Rifle -> Shrapnel Rifle

Pistol is very nice pure fire line, that additionally have +2 Fire strike on each of them so it is great starting weapon for ranged demo builds, especially for purifier giving character whooping +4 fire strike(!) Additionally they give +% attack speed and have chance to launch fireball. Wow!

Rifles… exist. They provide offensive ability and has 20% chance to trigger their phantom blade skill, but well… lack of skill bonus hurt, especially since brutal great axe has +4 blade arc while being two-handed axe counterpart for rifle.

So I propose to give rifle line +4 skill bonus to bring it to the same level as other blacksmith specific 15/35/65 lvl two-hand items.

Skill I propose is +4 Amarasta’s Blade Burst. Out of 4 Angrim specific items 2 are made for solder (battle shield and Brutal great axe) and one for nightblade(honed sword). Amarasta is a nice levelling skill so it would be nice addition. However ABB has a problem of not having native pierce support…

Alternatively I propose to change battle shield->Siege shield->Sovereign shield line bonus from +2 forcewave to +2 Vire might to move it to oathkeeper from soldier and give Rifle line +4 Word of Renewal so it become inquisitor item. Problem with this way is that every other blacksmith specific item have damaging skill bonus and WoR will fall out of this logic so I personally think ABB bonus will work better

Anyone has any other, maybe better ideas?

Whoops, those were supposed to have +4 to Phantasmal Blades, so we’ll address that!


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