Double Damage Conversion

Let’s say I deal 0 aether damage and 1000 fire damage, and I’m wearing an Arcane Shard of Agrivix (30% fire to aether) and a Mantle of the Black Flame (30% aether to chaos).

Would my initial 1000/0 fire/aether convert to 700/300 because the conversions happen simultaneously, and I didn’t have any aether to convert to chaos initially, or would it become 700/210/90 fire/aether/chaos because it converted some fire to aether then to chaos?

I know it’s a silly hypothetical, but there have been some calls for more damage conversion sources (which I agree with) to allow for build variability, and if we eventually get a few new ones (maybe a lightning -> fire, for instance), a dual-wielding Warpfire build could utilize lightning conversion and eventually end up with all elemental sources and their burns dealing fire.

Also, once Cadence gets its upcoming change in to convert 100% of all physical to elemental via Discord 3/3, I would love to be able to Warpfire away the cold, leaving a perfect synergy of fire/lightning for the upcoming Inquisitor or the current Demolitionist.

You can’t convert a damage type twice. Once you convert your fire damage to aether you cannot convert that aether damage to chaos.

The game doesn’t allow it.

And you also can’t go over correct? 120% physical to elemental is the same as 100%

Note that conversion that is part of a skill is done (first) in a separate step. So the Cadence transmuter will work with warpfire. And indeed you can’t go over 100%

Conversion is essentially a weighted system. If you go over 100%, things just scale down.

Say you have 100% phys->elem and also 50% phys->aether. What you ACTUALLY have is 66.6% phys->elem and 33.3% phys->aether.

All values over 100% scale down to match the 100% value while maintaining their weight.

i didn’t understand any of that lol. so if the only conversion you have is 120% physical to elemental- just for argument’s sake:

that is still identical to saying 100% physical damage to elemental correct? you can’t get more elemental damage out of your physical damage past 100%. In fact i think you COULD back in the day and there was a patch that nerfed that.

i didn’t understand any of that lol. so if the only conversion you have is 120% physical to elemental- just for argument’s sake:

What don’t you understand?

If your total conversion exceeds 100%, your total conversion is scaled down to 100%.

If you have 200% conversion, with 40% aether, 60% chaos, and 100% elemental, it will scale down to 100% total conversion and become half of the original values, to 20% to aether, 30% to chaos and 50% to elemental.

There’s not much to it… you just cannot exceed 100%, simple.

your second explanation was better lol. yeah now i get it, it squeezes total conversion into 100%, so if you only have ONE damage type converted that’s still the case but it’s 100%. if you have more, it tries to keep their same ratios, but squeezes them all into 100%

think i got it