Double rare Fleshwarped core build


CT battlemage should be legit with this. 706%aether dmg and 55%crit dmg aswell as fire to aether conversion is pretty good for one item.


Sounds pretty cool indeed. The RR though…

Commando with Aether fire strike

Death Knight with Aether Bone Harvest or Aether Cadence

Tactician with aether cadence

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The casting speed on the weapon though ; )

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the casting speed and drain essence are not by default on the item

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Here what it is now.

I am no build creator by any means. I mainly do SR65 and this does it surprisingly well. Its tankier than you’d think. Damage is so so.


I meant that OP wants to use this particular instance.

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Racial damage bonus to aetherials, fat crit damage, high OA (one of battlemage’s few advantages over other classes), and high aether damage should circumvent the RR issue somewhat. Fighting reaper will suck because he’s highly aether resistant while not being aetherial, but then again, when doesn’t it suck to fight reaper.


Shameless plug incoming:

My setup:
Probably BiS:

Hardest parts are getting the +3 Badge of Mastery (or +1 to Ignaffar Bane relic) and right Conduit prefix as a forewarning.

Nice drop on the Core as well! Good conversion stat, good OA, Aetherial racial, high +% Aether damage. It’s a thing of beauty.


It occured to me that transmuted forcewave probably uses casting speed, so i think all my previous suggestions are better as aether forcewave builds with this particular item.

@Evil_Baka if you already have the conduit, wouldn’t an arcanist do much better as aether FOI build?

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Honestly, this item could use 100% lightning to aether instead, so that you could get full aether FoI, Spear, Widow, Aether Corruption, etc. Fire to aether is rather common and it’s already on the items that support CT anyway. If you go Battlemage, you can’t use Devastation, and you don’t have much skills to proc devotions (CT, War Cry, Aether Corruption). In other words, you don’t get to utilize that 100% fire to aether to its fullest. Which kinda defeats the purpouse of going Battlemage because you’d wan’t Reckless Power on aether CT.

What I want to say is congrats for getting the right affix on right item. The one I marked in orange are the most synergic combination for CT BM.

What even more beautiful is you can combine it with either a good rolled Ascended Casque or even better the Maw of Despair and 4 piece Krieg set as it’s not gonna use the Reckless Power.


I tried putting a draft together for it a few months back after I finished the Tactician as I had the same question. The problem I ran into was skill points - it is significantly hungrier on the Arcanist side or you miss out on flat damage sources as you struggle to grab max IEE + 12/12 Elemental Balance, Fabric of Reality, have to work with 1 pointing Mirror and some other things. I imagine a Mage Hunter would use a different set of weapons for some +1 Arcanist/Inquisitors here.

I haven’t been able to test the Tactician in the test patch as of yet but it should be in a better position now leeching off of Menhir’s Bulwark getting it’s flat Physical buffed and a bit more cast speed going on Kraken.

Edit: Something i neglected to mention on the Tactician as well is that I’m aware the devotion route can be modified to take full Spear by dropping Solemn Watcher for Stag and Sailor’s Guide for Eel. Reason i don’t do it is it’s a significant DA hit in campaign but could be done for a Crucible setup as buffs/banners should cover the losses.

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I don’t understand where you get the energy regen, 287 per second for just the FOI?

It gets carried hard on energy leech - Scales, the massive flat leech on the gloves, Arcane Spark etc… In crowds, you can apply it quickly and passively with Empyrion and Ignaffar to multiple enemies. Single target encounters will eventually run out but you can comfortably take an energy potion long before it happens.


Here’s what I did with it so far:



I assumed Aetherials would be my weakness since I have no RR from either masteries, so I went to port Valbury, got bad mutators (+15% Aether resist to enemies) and still cleared it, no issues.
Later cleared SR 50 easily too (a big deal for me)
Crucible is easy so far (wave 100)

I’m still unsure about some of the choices (Amulet, devotions, rings)
Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:


Medal, Ring, Relic and Fabric of Reality help you killing those aether enemy. Reaper will be the difficult one since he is non aetherial with tons of aether resist.

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I did it!

I know this is not a big deal for most of you, but this is my first time beating crucible 170 and dammit i’m happy! :smiley:

All thanks to your help and insight (and a very lucky drop)

I did have to face reaper on wave 168, and it was… pretty long actually, not that hard. Kaisan, Aleksander, mad queen, Iron Maiden and Moosilauk were bigger threats…

How do you guys calculate crucible time ? Do you just start a stopwatch at 150 and stop it at 170 ?

Anyone with recording capabilities cares to run with it ? see what time it can get in capable hands, so I have enough proof of its performance to submit it to the build compendium and Grimsheet ? (…please :slight_smile: ?)


Once you have a video proof, you just check the time difference between start and finish of the crucible. Can be the length of the video if you trim it appropriately.

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