Double rare Fleshwarped core build

I did it!

I know this is not a big deal for most of you, but this is my first time beating crucible 170 and dammit i’m happy! :smiley:

All thanks to your help and insight (and a very lucky drop)

I did have to face reaper on wave 168, and it was… pretty long actually, not that hard. Kaisan, Aleksander, mad queen, Iron Maiden and Moosilauk were bigger threats…

How do you guys calculate crucible time ? Do you just start a stopwatch at 150 and stop it at 170 ?

Anyone with recording capabilities cares to run with it ? see what time it can get in capable hands, so I have enough proof of its performance to submit it to the build compendium and Grimsheet ? (…please :slight_smile: ?)


Once you have a video proof, you just check the time difference between start and finish of the crucible. Can be the length of the video if you trim it appropriately.

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