Dropchance alkamos legendarys

Has anyone a idea of the dropchances for the rings and scythe of alkamos?
i guess knowing a tiny percental chance will help me bear countless runs

I got them in several runs since

5-7 for getting first ring and scythe in ultimate. and 3-4 run for other ring in elite(from old bug in which alkamos anguish only drop in elite)

I did less than 20 runs and get 2-3 set of rings.

I’ve run SoT about a dozen times since the patch that added the rings, and I see the scythe drop about half the time. I have yet to see either ring drop. Guess which one I’m looking for. >_<

Edit: Just ran it 3 more times on ult. Got the MI scythe every time, no rings ever. Much anger.

looking for all 3 of them. 9 runs today. got nothin but greens from him. i guess i’ll try again tomorrow.

I heard it’s 10% for scythe and 1% for either legendary rings.

Mostly correct; 5% chance of the scythe.

Thanks for the link!

It seems Anasteria is absent from https://github.com/ssauvageau-/GDLoot/blob/master/loottable_output_Legendary.txt?

More reason not to kill her! :stuck_out_tongue:

No, you’re right. Looking into it, thanks. :slight_smile: