Druid is very weak…

First of all, my native language is not in English, so we use the Google translate, please understand :o

They are not worth their attention at Gladiator
They have no skills like Flashbung and no skills like Vulnerability

Druid is one of the most powerful class combinations.

Try a Wind Devil + Star Pact combo and couple it with either Olexra’s Flash Freeze or Trozan’s Sky Shard, leftovers can go to Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange.

Wind Devil gives 75% chance of impaired aim, Raging tempest reduces elemental resistances.

Druid is very powerful defensively.

Mirror for invulnerability
Maiven’s Sphere of Protection for physical damage reduction/CC reduction
Olexra’s Flash Freeze for one of the best CCs in the game
Summon Brianthorn for minor CC (Better early game, phase out later)
Nullification for removing some of the nastier effects
Heart of the Wild for a very nice HP boost
Grasping Vines for excellent CC (when maxed)

Its a trash skill.

To OP: Yes, druid is weak.
No one ever made top tier druid build.

I could be wrong here but i found some behavioral difference b/w Blade Spirit and Wind Devil. Blade Spirit actively attacks your enemy, but WDs sometimes roam around aimlessly

Druid plays itself if you like kiting. Couple Wind Devil with Raging Tempest Devotion, buff it with all the elemental damage bonus you can get and see what happens. Also Take Star Pact to convert its Physical damage to Cold and cast it more often.

Also remember Wind Devils counts as separate entities thus can not transfer retaliation damage to you. A great advantage over any weapon/spammable spell build.

One final note is that any Devotion effect you couple Wind Devil with has its own cooldown timer. So you can have multiple Raging Tempest or Blizzard effects trigger at the same time by having more than one Wind Devil present. Very very powerful with a Star Pact.

I don’t know what it would do, but I want this to be a skill.

That was the first thing I thought too when I read that.

That is a terrible comparison. Of the two fumble type debuffs impaired aim is the far weaker version, affecting only projectiles. The chance of impaired aim could be increased to 100% and wind devil still wouldn’t be half the skill Searing Light is. The reduced elemental resists from raging tempest, while nice, are of the type that can’t be stacked. Hence raging tempest can be mostly replaced by Elemental Storm without much drawback whereas if Raging Tempest was like vulnerability they’d stack for over 60 total reduced resistances.

Now I’m not necessarily saying that Druid is the weakest of the weak, especially after the much needed buffs to Storm Totem damage… But it still isn’t winning any competitions when it comes to Nemesis kill speed. Does murder trash like crazy though.

In short, Flashbang and Vulnerability are OP.

In this game, fumble is very powerful.
Unlike freezing and deceleration, it is also effective for nemesis.
Flashbang reduces enemy damage by 40% at 12 points.
In addition to that, we give you the damage of lowering confusion and DA by one click.

As you can see by poison witch hunter, debuff of category B is OP.

Focus on caster build, compare druid and sorcerer and witch hunter.

Reduce physical damage by 25% at High Potency and reduce all resistance by 25 with Agonizing Flames. (Category A)
Blast Shield prevents a certain amount of damage for 4 seconds, maximum resistance +. And Flashbang.
Debuff of fire attribute with Thermite Mine (category B)

Witch hunter
Vulnerability and Night’s Chill, equipped with a large amount of debuff (category B)
Poison and acid have few enemies with high resistance value, and can stably and seriously damage them. (Over 200 K per second)
Reduce physical damage by 18% by Focused Gaze and gain physical resistance with Aspect of the Guardian. And Possession absorbs 20% damage without a disadvantage.
Friendly melee attack with Circle of Slaughter.
Emergency evasion can also be done with Shadow Strike. There are also two active recovery methods.

Physical resistance at Emboldening Roar? It is inefficient if it is not a pet build.
Sherman has no means to reduce physical damage. There is no proximity fumbling.
Avoidance is supplemented with Riftstone, but it occupies one weapon slot.
Thunder, Ice and Aether are resistant high enemies but resistive debuff is Raging Tempest only (Elemental only in Category A …)
There are means to heal by totem, but casters need to kite and it is hard to use.