Drunken Fwuffy - Retaliation Warlord

I wouldn’t worry that much of the lack of Ascension.It has low uptime and damage absorption is not that important on retal builds.The bad thing is that you can use clarity to increase OA.

About Guardians,since it’s hard here to proc Assassins mark often the -4% physical RR actually does matter.

Clarity will allow you to bypass the OA problem. Phys retal can have 2600-2700 OA, easily, rest comes from procs and it’s all good.
Ascension, besides absorb, gives an excellent boost to retal damage and some good CC resists too. Do not diss it so slightly.

I understand you.But in Maya style of play the number of buttons matter,that’s why is retal build :stuck_out_tongue:

I know it’s a personal build, it’s fine.
Btw, Judgment is also not here. Now this is actually a biiiig mistake with it having a tremendous DA reduction you can again, bypass the low OA lock. Add some Clarity and the build can crit very well.

But since it’s just for fun, this is only an advice from me.

the build you want is Ya_s stoneguard :stuck_out_tongue: Maya went with a lazy mans take!

I have my own, haha. Made it during the FG testing period, but it was hard in early SR, you guys got it easier, lol.

Retaliation is supposed to be lazy :zzz: and drunk friendly :beers:

Aye, I don’t build around efficiency but around something you can play with one hand, drunk and while watching Netflix or reading a book if you wanted to. Hence the questionable choices.

Anyway, Took Malawiglenn’s suggestion on Messenger and Assassin’s. Replaced with Boar as BearedMagician said.

Build got tankier or atleast feels that way (I am not sure since it is Warlord :stuck_out_tongue: ). Also Kill times remain the same both on Crucible and Callagadra.

it also demonstrates the power or retal: even suboptimal build can do calla, cruci and SR75

Aye, it is harder to make it not work :stuck_out_tongue:

Retal is strange thing.I made hybrid though,which was the first build I see,that can finish SR 75,but not Crucible 170 :man_shrugging:

Your next build,I recommend is retal Opressor.You hate Spectral binding for pets,but it will be really good as retal.Passive RR from both classes and also extra OA.

This was kind of a one time thing. I am not exactly moving on to non pet builds :stuck_out_tongue:

I just wanted something that could go upto Callagadra and smack it in the butt. Also 2x Dawnshards is :heart_eyes:

But I will keep it in mind. Right after I make pet builds out of the rest of the possible combinations :yum:

Nah, this isn’t lazy in my books. This is lazy - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/aZqOB392
And no annoying fervor and other cadence like skills :wink:

  • 8 active skills…
  • Lazy
  • :thinking:

Anyway, I did SR with the new setup, managed to pull Kymon + Benny > Died hilariously.
Went in again, pulled the entire room, face tanked everything without even dropping below 75% Hp…
I have no idea what I am doing…

8 active skills only for pushing SR. Normally I only hold RMB lol = lazy. After all it’s a Spin2Win 120k EoR + 450K retal damage = lazy. Previously played a pure phys retal Warlord = not so lazy and relatively slow, especially after the nerfs.

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Ok… Ravager was a Pushover, as expected.

But Crate of Entertainment is simply impossible. I haven’t tried it with Consumables, but without is simply not happening.

Well, none pet build from Maya? :thinking:
At least you still stick on “Lazy” strategy. :joy:

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Lazy is Love, Lazy is Life!


Nice build! Have you try it with Mogdrogen?

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