Dual pistol reaping strike changes and itemization.

So while reading the latest patch I noticed that reaping strike will now always use both weapons with dual pistols. I really liked the idea of a build with this.

Well I did until I had a look at gear. At the risk of sounding rude what the heck is all this trash?!

Why does seemingly any pistol that even comes close to supporting this have Drain essence on it? Pistols are an attack build weapon and DE doesn’t use weapon damage. In fact just in general why the obsession with this skill? There are so many items with ED.

Not to mention that everyting with aether damage on it is linked to anarchist witch tbh has garbage aether support until you get 50 points in.

Really doesn’t look like there is a viable DW pistol reaping strike set up unless i’m missing something. Seems like an odd change to make to the skill then.

I did miss something, The change to Deathdealers. Seems the only option is to go physical. Not a big fan of that but I guess I will give it a go.

-EDIT- and the devotion support for physical damage with one handed ranged is pretty much nothing. Scrapping this.

Deathdealers convert phys to pierce, dude. If you go with Deathdealers, you buff pierce damage mostly, not physical.

Though I agree, that despite it’s bonuses, the convertion ration is not that high.

In the patch notes the Vitality converted to phy for reaping strike was upped to 100%.

Unless these skill specific mods function differently then normal conversion then there is no way to make reaping sticks no phy damage to pierce if I understand conversion correctly.

So yes the weapons damage is largely converted to pierce but the unique effect it provides doesn’t really have any synergy with itself. But I suppose the vitality damage on reaping strike isn’t even that major a part of its damage since the patch.

Yeah on thinking about it more you have a point. I was paying to much attention to the Vit to phy conversion.

I think Reaping Strike was added as a fanservice to ranged DW Death Knight builds, providing them more support.

If you use Deathdealers for what it’s intended - DW pierce guns, then it’s completely viable, like, for example, with DW range Tactician.