Dual wield 2H weapons

Do you you could add dual wielding 2H weapons to a devotion or artifact would be viable? Maybe even a Mastery talent but have it deep in the talent tree.

That would be enormously broken with the bonuses and damage a lot of 2 handers give.

What if the talent had a downside like -30% attack speed.

At this point, why do you even want to DW 2handers so badly?

I want to dual wield shields and dual wield off-hands. Well, at least off-hand + shield, please.

Dual off-hands would unironically own. Readily available ~30% cooldown reduction? Don’t mind if I do.

38%, actually. Get a further 15% from Starpact, and 7% from hat, and 8% from amulet…

That is 68% CDR. Crucible would bring that to 88%. Which is over the CDR limiter for Mirror going to god mode.

I had also been musing over this idea. It would be something that could require deep Devotion speccing and a higher level requirement (50?) in order to 1) obtain the ability to use this skill (through a relic?), 2) deep Devotion speccing to reduce penalty to accuracy (a minus to Offensive that needs to be nullified with a Devotion skill) ,and 3) perhaps a skill deep in a tree to increase attack speed and increase accuracy.

There are just so many amazing 2-hand weapons, and if there were some end-game weapons specifically designed for a dual 2-hand build that make the long journey to perfecting it worthwhile, this would be a LOT of fun to pursue.

Then you go Shadow Strike with your bare hands!