Dual wield melee battlemage - yay or nay on WPS?

I’ve been working on a high-aps dual wield battlemage and I’m wondering if I should have any points in Markovian’s/Zolhan’s due to them replacing autos and therefore resulting in less Cadence procs?

Additionally, does the ‘both’ attack count as 2 separate ones for the purposes of Cadence proccing? So for example, you’re on hit 2 and the next swing procs ‘both’. Does that mean you can get Cadence proc from one swing and a normal hit from the other (so you’re now on hit 2/3 again)? Or is it just a single Cadence proc and the ‘other’ swing is wasted?

It sounds like you might be under a false impression about wps/cadence interactions. The WPS do not replace cadence, nor do they reduce its proc frequency. Cadence will happen every 3rd swing, period. It overrides the WPS, not the other way around.

‘Both’ means that you use both weapons for a single attack. If both happens, both shots benefit from the cadence proc and neither shot accrues a charge towards cadence.

Are you sure about ‘both’ benefitting from cadence? My understanding (and visually from animation) is that ‘both’ is two separate attacks (one from each weapon) that happen at the same attack cycle speed as a single attack, i.e. a ‘both’ attack with Fire Strike/Explosive Strike for example will give you 2x Explosive Strikes. Or does it still count as a single attack but with some skill-based exceptions like this one?

I would have to open up my game and run a few tests to be 100% certain I’m afraid. I’m always hesitant to make absolute statements of fact about the game when I’m still learning so much myself. I have played cadence dual wield however, and my experiences led me to believe that cadence benefits both hits when ‘both’ happens.

If I’m wrong I’d really like to know since I’m planning a cadence BM for the expansion :smiley:

I was wondering about this the other day … I was using Cadence as my main and had a point each in ZT and MA (since I wasn’t sure they playing nicely together).

I had Flame Torrent (iirc - the one with the circling flame trail) assigned to cadence and saw it a lot but wasn’t so sure that the Eldritch associated to MA was working at all. I switched the Flame on to MA and played for a while and don’t remember seeing the flame trail even once.

This made me think that the 1 2 and 3 of Cadence all over rode the WPS options and they didn’t work together at all … I also noted that in the build compendium that none of the builds with Cadence in them also had MA or ZT which was also suggestive.

I would love to know the definitive on how well Cadence, MA and ZT work together…

Cadence can, and will, override on the 3rd hit any and all WPS, BUT the first 2 hits can proc any of the other WPS.