Dual Wield Purifier Questions and Suggestions

Venerate the Immortal Emperor!

I’ve been calling this my 40K Style Gunslinger Inquisitor: Fast Guns, Fire, and Explosions! (Currently a low level build): https://www.grimtools.com/calc/0V0GOo2m

First Off- One of the big things I want to verify is if Bursting Round, Chilling Round, and Storm Spread stack? I.E., one or all of the three projectiles of the Storm Spread gain the effect of Bursting Round, or if you can have a shot that is both Bursting and Chilling? My gut is saying no, but I want to double check as that would be awesome!

I’ve been having a lot of fun trying to perfect this glass cannon, and I got a lot of good drops to pull it off early on. I haven’t seen any builds that utilize the runes spells, (probably for good reason I imagine) but I wanted to try it out and see how long they last. Compared to the Demolitionist skills, which feel extremely slow and weak, Runes scale up and can (currently) nuke groups and bosses alike. Are Demos just that reliant on Devotions?

So far, as long as I play it safe and kite if it gets dicey, I can solo many areas on veteran where my 2H Druid tank once had trouble, leaving a trail of destruction. (Admittedly, I am much more experienced since then.)

But, I’m hitting a wall in terms of trying to balance new gear to keep my damage high and increase suvivability. I should have a few good replacements lying around, but if you have any recommendations on what to look for, let me know. This build tried to focus on Pierce and Fire, but I’ve been getting enough ice and lightning that I’m curious if I just need to branch out a bit more into elemental damage.

First of all, Bursting Round, Chilling Rounds and Storm Spread are WPS - weapon pool skills. You’d better search through forums about this mechanics, but in short: only one WPS triggers at time and it totally replaces default attack in that case. Chances of WPS to proc are equal to that ones written on em unless sum overwhelms 100% (then diminishing applied to all). Default attack can be main hand, off-hand or both hands (with chances).
I leveled DW firestrike purifier, but it is not that great in current meta, as gunslingers in general, be ready to have tough times in Ultimate difficulty.
Some general advice:

  • Do not overlook blackwater coctail + agonizing flames, its a great source of extra RR (resist reduction)
  • Invest some points to Inquisitor seal (maybe a bit later)
  • As Purifier generally have decent overcap on elemental resistances, you can switch to Aura of Censure later, it bring more damage at cost of some defences.

I have an idea for your devotion https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2ME79r2
Ghoul has a cirquit breaker that fits very well into ranged attack builds and it has 4% normal lifesteal too.

Try to get chilling rounds to 6 points (with items) its70%x4 weapon damage attack - a very useful single target killer. All your wps should be at 6 points (at least, but its difficult to get more) except storm spread at 7 (for extra projectile).

BWC with transmuter and flashbang are must-have defenses for demolitionist. Seal is also very useful.

Thanks for the heads up, especially on the WPS. I’ll probably start by removing a few points here and there, definitely with the chilling rounds as their freeze chance hasn’t been high lately. Since lvl 50, I’ve been putting down the runes less and less, as I’ve been able to clear the mobs without them, though they are still useful for the boss fights and shrines.

I’ll need more points to play around with the devotions, so I’ll grind them in the mean time.