Duel wielding Oathkeeper

Me and a friend are running together trough all the new content I’m playing an shieldbreaker (Demo + Oath) and I’m having a real blast with Eye of Reckoning dealing tons of fire dmg.

my friend liked the idea of duel wielding while cycloning (Eye of Reckoning) and chose a Dervish (Oath + night) he is also having a blast but still is wonding if nightblade was a right choise he likes the idea of duelwielding, but it doesn’t seem nightblade adds anything to oathkeeper he too converts a lot of damage to fire because it is giving the best damage result.

however Nightblade doesn’t adds much in fire dmg. It seems its more cold and pierce damage. I’ve looked and there doesn’t seem to be an item that converts physical to cold damage that fits an oathbreaker.

The question now is. Does anyone have a good working Dervish build yet that uses the skill Eye of Reckoning as main dmg dealing skill? :slight_smile: It might be to early for build advise on a class that’s only released 2 days ago but who knows someone worked it out already :smiley:

We, veterans, made quite some fancy builds before FG release: first version of thread, second version

Basically the second version is being updated further, but I kinda felt like posting the original version too.

holy hell that was quick thanks! will dive into it!