Dump of Feedback after initial 20 hours

In storage, Allow turning off entire type Ex. Food, so its easier to turn food off non root cellar storage

Different icon for Blueberries (Since they can be moved)

Select multiple of the same item and move if applicable (blueberry bushes)

Level of prioritization (similar to rimworld, set 1-4 of priority)

Duplicate option (to build same building as selected)

Menu to filter resource icons

Turn of individual resource icons

When moving hunter or forager building, keep same work radius

Have a sell all but X for items

Hotkey to sound alarm

Only show work radius of type of building selected (hunter, forager, etc.)

Remove ability to prioritize items that arent targeted

Clicking to build something doesnt work in certain scenarios, such as clicking over an icon (bushes, storage full, etc)

Allow building a 1 size road

At the Trading center, automatically transfer goods to sell. Make it easier to select All of what you have available to transfer (and buy)

Prioritize drag and drop (if you want to prioritize a sector, or walls.)

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