DW as a pistol user?

Looking to try out the demo/occulist build, but obviously off the bat, I cannot DW, how do I become able to do so? I do not see anywhere on the skills to allow me to do that.

I’m also just starting today in this game.

You need items that allow you to DW.

Marauder talisman
Marauder belt
Gunslinger Jacket
Gunslinger talisman

Maybe others as well, since i do not know what the last updates have added.

In the end you need to play different until you find these items.

So would it be wise to just use a 2 hander gun until this point?

You should be able to craft the talisman pretty early on

How early on would you say? Level 7 now.

Also… how should I allocate my stat points? What is my main focus?

Two handed ranged weapons can be a suitable alternative even in late ultimate.

However those items are somewhat easy to find, and you can level until this point pretty much as you want.

EDIT> Early on focus on physique only. Later, also physique, but keep in mind that some pistols have a high cunning requirement. If you want to optimize your build, you should already know what you want to wield in ultimate, and if you will have gear/devotions that give requirement reduction.

Ah ok, cool. I’ll do that. I just need to figure out how to get me one of those talismans. Do they typically come pretty early?



Hope those links help you.

Hey Zynolic!

If you are wishing to play a Dual Wield Gunslinger-esque character, might I recommend Cryodacry’s thread on this build. It makes for very interesting and informative reading and has contributions from a number of knowledgeable community members. As you may notice by my signature, a Dual Wield Fire Striker is currently my main and I have been working off of the information found in this thread - hasn’t let me down so far!

If you have any further questions after reading the comments in that thread, I would suggest asking your questions in that thread so as to keep all the knowledge contained in one place.

Happy reading and happy playing! :wink:


I believe DW pistols is best used with procs. Until you have stuff to proc, just go with the biggest rifle you can find.