DW Cold Spellbreaker

http://grimcalc.com/build/NO1U50 +4 nightblade +1 arcanist, few + individual skills. ( forgot to add Mirror to link )

About to start Hardcore Ultimate now at L77 just have a few questions

  1. Does Crescent Moon axe, malediction relic, viper, nights chill stack? I’m pretty sure they do just confirming.

  2. Belgothian Shears seems to have a slightly slower attack animation, I mainly only care about Execution, will having all the others slow down how many executions i will have based off attack animations?

  3. I have about 20 free skill points to spend, my single target and AoE are fine right now but i have plenty of options, i could nearly max nightfall and shadow strike, I could get 20/16 Blade spirit - with 5 points its pretty bad - its cold damage isn’t great. I could go for Ring of Steel + Transmuter, All of these options seem good which is the best for this build? :stuck_out_tongue:

I also have a dual wield spellbreaker so maybe I can help.

  1. Yeah they should all stack. If Malediction is the same thing as Elemental Storm which it should be.

  2. I don’t know but that’s interesting and I’d like to know too.

3.I maxed nightfall and shadow strike. I don’t like blade spirit at all for this type of build and ring of steel plus transmuter seems redundant with Olexras.

I have one question for you though, how do you feel about Star Pact? I only went up to 25 points in Arcanist for Elemental Balance was wondering how you like it.

First any flat -resists are applied (multiple sources do not stack), then any -%all resist (like viper) multiple sources do not stack, then any -x% y resist (like Crescent moon + Night’s Chill) multiple sources do stack.

Getting to Star Pact gimps a character like this, you made the right choice.

pretty sure viper / manticore type stuff are applied at the end not the middle, and these are multiplied to the current resist after others are applied, not subtracted like the others

Oh really? I was under the impression that it was applied 2nd. (from this thread, which now that I look again contains some contradictory information) Well that would make more sense I suppose since they’re multiplicative rather than a flat reduction.

I converted from TSS/Devastation caster Arcanist to a Spellbreaker, i didn’t even pick a 2nd class until L69 so I didn’t have a choice in getting Star pact for this character.

You do have 37 extra points to play with but less stats/damage and Cooldown reduction on things other than Shadow Strike. Where did you spend your spare points btw? I’m in agreement with Aeschylus I doubt Star Pact is worth it over been able to overlevel certain skills in Nightblade though I wouldn’t go as far as saying I’m gimped. :rolleyes: Not optimal maybe.

Going up to elemental balance i assume you are maxxing this? I’m not playing for crits, what gear do you have that allows reliable crits? I’m playing hardcore and have gone full blown defensive in devotions my OA is pretty low 2kish at L82 end of act 2 ultimate.

@Jajaja - Manticore changed to a flat -30 resists now. Btw used your devotion setup in your other thread, minus a few small changes heh, cheers.

Edit. Another thing with star pact is the 15% physical to cold, with this and weapons i can get over 50% cold. Add coldstone, shard of beronath and IEE I’m almost all cold/ele with some small amount of pierce.

Just finished Self found HC Ultimate with this build so its not that bad. Facetanked Sharzul without needing to move once. Log was a breeze. Fabius is on farm, Took out Avatar of Mog on veteran, not going to try elite anytime soon heh.

Much faster than my old Warder…

Well maybe gimped was a slightly strong term. :stuck_out_tongue: But yes, sub-optimal. You’ll get much better DPS boosts by pumping more points into shadow strike and its modifiers, DW stuff, merciless repetoire/anatomy of murder, and topping out pneumatic burst as much as you can, and you won’t really lose any survivability. So basically it could be even faster.

I ended up with 21/7/7 for shadow strike. I really don’t need the AoE as much as Single target speed which is the most important part.

http://grimcalc.com/build/xKsbrG - full layout

Missing a few pieces of equipment, lots of pretty meh pieces like shadowspark hood.


Just lost this farming character, R.I.P. Total content complete at least, farmed ultimate fabius 100+ times before dying to an unlucky geared Fabius. Don’t know what happened, usually tank him with ease but this time he just 3 shot me through my defensive procs, no time to do anything about it. I assume he rolled something which massively increased his damage.

Losing the malediction relic hurts heh that took forever to make.

Oh well next build, thinking either 2H physical/bleed Warder, or something with Demo, maybe jajaja’s saboteur or make his pyromancer equivalent. Which might be a better option post nerfs.

What are your Devotions for this build? I’ve just started a Spellbreaker and your build is similar what I’m planning for!

But as Decree posted earlier, why did you skill Ring of Steel? Since you already have Olexra as your AoE skill.

http://grimcalc.com/build/NfQ5zM - devotions.

I had Tree of Life and light of Emperion for resists and scales. 20 blue 8 yellow 2 red. All defensive. Only put 1 into ring of steel and 1 into its passive due to the 25% chance to fumble at L5. ( +4 skills ) OFF is more than enough for trash crowd control and kills lesser enemies. Fumble would be useful against hero packs.

Build worked really well, sub 1 min ultimate fabius kills at times. Took him spawning some unlucky OP weapon or something to take it out. Everything else in the game was cake.

Gear wise i just had self found stuff, a few BiS.

-Golemborn greaves
-Pretty great pants
-empowered tempest sigil or bleeding resist of attack medal
-empowered essence of beronath
-rings were trashy, health cold damage and resist cold damage
-empowered nighthunters chestpiece
-chillmane mantle
-spellbreaker waistguard
-Vex and Crescent Moon for weapons.
-shadowspark hood
-Runic Bracers
-Malediction relic

Tons of room for improvement.